how to care for a canary

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How to Take Care of Canary Birds - Who does not want to see a canary with a beautiful voice and beautiful fur. Every walnut owner would want to see the birds healthy, nimble, have beautiful fur and sound beautiful.

Especially if the canary can win the contest, would be a pride for us bird owners. And of course the birds that win the contest will have a higher price value than the mediocre canaries. Besides that a good canary if it is farmed it will produce a good offspring as well.

Basically walnut care is almost the same as other chirping treatments, in which we as the owner of the bird must be diligent care and consistent.

Because as the owner of the birds we will also feel the saturated days taking care of our favorite canaries, such as busy going to work routines that make our canaries forget to be noticed. Therefore consistency and persistence in caring for canaries is needed.

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here are some ways to treat a canary.

  • Taking Cage for Birds Canaries
    Cages are the first and foremost thing in caring for canaries. Even before we buy a canary the first preparation is to prepare the cage. A canary cage should not be small.

A small cage will make the canary uncomfortable and unimpeded in moving. This can make the canary become stressful, which of course is not good for the canaries we keep.

The cage we have prepared for the canary should also have tangkringannya wood. Select the diameter of wood tangkringan not too big, but not too small too.

In essence diameter of tangkringan wood in accordance with the grip of the walnut bird that we keep. Installation of tangkringan for the canaries should be sturdy, not to tangkringan easy shake. The wood used must also be rough.

Because the canaries have a tendency to sharpen their toenails. It would be better if in a canary cage there are more than one tangkringan, ideally maybe two tangkringan is enough because too much tangkringan will make the cage become narrow. Keep the size of the cage according to the number of tangkringan so that the canaries freely to move.

In addition to tangkringan, inside the canary cage should also have a place to eat and drink. Try to place a place to eat with a place to drink not adjacent.

Catch a place to eat and drink that far apart will force the canary to move, because there is a distance between the place to eat with a cepuk drinking place.

If inside the cage there are two tangkringan, we can put the food in tangkringan one and cepuk drinks in tangkringan two.

Do not forget also the cleanliness of the canary cage and its dung must be routinely cleaned every day. Because a dirty canary cage can invite illness.

  • The Canaries Have to Be Diluted and Killed
    This includes daily care for canaries. Get used to do condensation around 5 am. Like other birds chirping habitat in the wild, in the morning chirping birds used to get out of the nest.

Similarly, we also have to lay the bird cage outside the house. The goal is that canaries like to be in the wild, birds can also see the sunrise.

Usually this morning birds will be more intense chirping. It also simultaneously trained the canaries to get used to diligent rings.

When the sun is bright, about half past seven to seven. Perform a soft spray on the canary until the body looks wet. Drying for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If the canary body is dry, move the cage to the shade. Keep the cage near the passing of people, this will make the canary quickly adapt to the surrounding environment. After bathing and drying we can feed and drink the canaries.

  • Taking Care of Food Factors on Canaries
    In giving food to the canary is a routine every day. Although the previous food is not spent, it is mandatory to be replaced with new foods.
    Cannabis food that is not spent can arise mushrooms which of course this is not good for the health of canaries. So also with a canary drinking place, the water must be replaced every day.

The ideal time to feed a canary is when the canary is finished bathed and dried in the morning. Because the early morning sun that cannabis is also good for the body's metabolism.

In addition to grains, we can also provide fresh vegetables to our favorite canaries. Fresh vegetables given to canaries are useful to keep the bird's body condition in order to keep fit.

We can give fresh vegetables to canaries 3 times a week. Fresh vegetables to be given to canaries should be cleaned first, this is to remove pesticides that may be attached to the fresh vegetables.

In addition to fresh vegetables, we can also provide fruits for canaries. Give fruit once a week. Basically a canary is a grain eater, so choose a feed that contains many types of grains in it.

  • Cage Farming Canary Cage
    Cultivating the cage will make the canaries more calm. In addition pengkrodongan also serves to protect the canaries from mosquito bites.

Usually mosquitoes like to bite the legs of a walnut, and the mosquito bites will make the legs of a walnut into bumps so that canaries often peck legs.

A good time to plant a canary cage is the afternoon until the morning. Make sure when ditsiong food and beverages for canaries available cage.

When dikrodong we can also provide masters for canaries. Because when dikro the canary birds will be more concentrated to listen without disturbed the atmosphere around.

Good masters sound for the canary among them is the sound of ciblek birds. We can play mp3 sounds for mastering canaries.

So little information on how to care for canaries easily but the maximum results. Basically the daily care for the canaries does not vary greatly with the daily care of other chirping birds.

What makes our canaries great is our consistency and persistence as the owner who routinely takes care of her.

Because the best breeds of breeding canaries we have if not treated with perseverance and consistency on a regular basis it will be useless.