Dirty Deals (episode one)

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Tare was doing perfectly well in school until "Bolaji" her kid brother joined her in school. Bolaji was involved in "Dirty Deals" and was moved out of the country for safety with the help of Uncle collins {Their Dad's lawyer} Years later Bolaji came back home and found that his elder sister handles most of his Deals.

Tare moved to her apartment in school.
Scene one:
Tare: "referring to the agent" wow! This place is is really nice and lovely. I love it so much. She went round the apartment to check further. Thank you.
Agent: am glad you like it.
She eventually agreed with the agent and she secured the apartment.
After making payments for the room she proceed by furnishing the apartment to her taste. She lays Down on her bed. She reminisce about her once happy families. Which includes her Dad, Mum and her younger brother Bolaji.
Some minutes later she puts a call through to her Dad's lawyer (Collins) informing him about her new apartment while she promise to check on him (Collins) soon.

Scene two:
Tare made new friends.
It was Tare's first day in class and immediately after lectures on her way back home she was called by two girls. "Yewande and Foluke"
Yewande & Foluke: hello!
Tare: (looked back and replied) Hi girls.
Yewande: (walks towards tare) hi. Am Yewande by name. "And my friend here, referring to Foluke"
Foluke: hi, am Foluke by name.
Tare: nice to meet you girls. Am Tare by name (they exchange pleasantries)
Foluke: we've noticed you right from home earlier this morning on your way to class. We never knew we were course mates until we saw you in class today. That's why we've decided to meet with you.
Tare: oh! Really?
Yewande: yes, that's true.
Tare: wow! Didn't know I had flats mates as my course mates. "I mean, not in a bad way" (she smiles)
Foluke: no problem (she replied)
Tare: so where are you guys to? Home I guess? "She asked"

Written by @jayfamous

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