Dirty Deals (episode two)

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Yewande: actually, we want to get lunch before going back home.
Tare: alright.
Yewande: if you don't mind. We love to have you around.

Tare: hmm
Foluke: pls, don't say no. Pls "she pleads"
Tare: "smiles" ofkus not. Would love to join you girls. Besides, its not as if I have something important to do at the moment "she looks at her wristwatch"
Yewande: alright dear. Shall we?
Tare: "smiling" sure, after you girls.
They all got to a restaurant and placed their orders. While they were waiting for their meals; they talked about their lectures and later switched to knowing each other better.
Tare introduced herself first she talked about her parents and kid brother and few other things about her.

Yewande also introduced herself and how "she met Foluke and became close friends". Foluke also introduced herself and they all talked and gist while their enjoyed their meal.
After a long conversation Yewande told tare she would be going for shopping alongside Foluke the following day. "she asked if tare will love to join them".

Tare: that's nice. Would love to come with you girl's name. "besides, I need to change my wardrobe too". She added.

Tare went for shopping with her new friends.
After their lectures the following day. They drove together in Tare's car to a shopping mall.
Tare: (immediately they arrive at a boutique Tare, pulled over) hey girls, aside shopping for new clothes. I need to get glossaries as well. Hope you girls won't mind joining me? "She asked".

Yewande & Foluke: "both replied" (no probs dear).
Tare: "smiled" thanks guys.
They aligt from the car and went to the boutique. While they were busy selecting clothes and shoes they admire. Tare's phone rang. On phone was he's kid brother "Bolaji".
(On phone)
Tare: hey boyfriend. This one you called, hope no problem?


Written by @jayfamous