Epistle of Tamara (episode seven)

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My little princess Julian, if you're reading this note then it means am dead. Because, that's the only way you can find this note
Anyways, hope you're taking good care of your kid brother??



Attached with this note is a wrapped box which contains two pieces of diamond worth half of your inheritance.
Immediately, Julian picked up the wrapped box and placed it on the table infront of her while she reads on.

This diamonds were the gifts I got from your grandma, who's my mother in-law few days after I got married to your father.
She made me promise to give them to you after I must have passed on as a gift from her to you.
She said she might not get to see you in person, which she didn't. According to her, "she said I am the only link who could deliver the message to you". So that's why she entrust it in my care.

Sorry I didn't mention this to you dear. "I made a promise to your grandma", and I am sure i fulfilled it.
My princess, I'll implore you to make proper use of this diamonds.
Mrs. Louisa Williams.

Julian: picked up the box and looks into her dad's lawyer eye balls and said; sir i'll like to take my leave now. She asked further, sir! "when is my Dad's will going to be read to Williams family?"

Her Dad's lawyer replied and said; anytime soon dear. He further said he'll get in touch with her (Julian) and the rest of the family in due time. Adding that he's been busy of lately and that's why he hasn't contacted the families yet.

Julian nods her head In agreement while she stood up from the chair and said goodbye to her dad's lawyer as she exist his office.

On getting home that evening, Julian's uncle tries to find out the outcome of what Julian and her dad's lawyer meeting was.

But she didn't reveal what was in the box to her uncle and his wife. She just told her uncle that her dad's lawyer shared some personal information with her. And that's all.

Few days after, Julian went back to school to meet with Tamara. On getting to school Tamara was already in their room lying down on the bed reading a novel.

Immediately Julian enters the room Tamara stood up and welcome her, telling her how lonely she's been ever since she returned from Bowale place.

Tamara also told her she could identify the girls who attacked her while she was away from school.
Flash back.....

Julian left her dad's lawyer office and heads straight to her dad's apartment before going to her uncle's house.

Julian opens her Dad's apartment gate while she walks round the apartment. She brought out the wrapped box from her hang bag.
She unwraps the box and brought out the diamonds. she steers at it and smiled. For a while, she thought of the safest place to hide the diamonds pending the time she figures out what to do with them.

Written by @jayfamous

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