Epistle of Tamara (episode six)

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Tamara narrates the ugly incident to Julian how it all happened and got away amidst them. Julian wasn't comfortable inside the cab she board to her dad's lawyer office.

Link to episode five & four.


She (Julian) asked Tamara if Bobo (Bowale) was aware of what happened to her. Tamara replied her and said she was lucky to have escaped from the girls and that she had to pass the night at Bowale's place.

Julian felt for her and told her (Tamara) to calm down, telling her not to take any drastic step till she gets back to school to meet with the gang of girls who attacked her.

Tamara agreed and assured Julian that she won't take any action until she's back in school and they end call.
On getting to Julian's Dad's lawyer office. She met with the receptionist who then told her to wait while she informs her boss of her (Julian's) arrival.

Receptionist: (on phone with Julian dad's lawyer) sir! A young lady is here to see you sir, her name is Juliana Williams.
Dad's lawyer: oh! Have been expecting her, pls, kindly let her in.

Receptionist: okay sir! While she hang up the call and looks at Julian telling her to go straight ahead and use the door by her right hand side from few steps ahead.
Julian thanked her (receptionist) and heads toward the direction giving to her by the receptionist.

Julian, knocks on the door once and opened the door. Her dad's lawyer welcomed her and told her to have her seat while he offered her something to drink.

At first Julian refused and said she was OK, but her Dad's lawyer insisted that she takes something even if it's a cup of tea. She (Julian) later agrees to it and she was served by the receptionist.
Dad's lawyer: (referring to Julian) thank you for honoring my invitation.

Julian: its nothing sir, couldn't have disrespect your personality sir!
Julian dad's lawyer smiled back at her and said straight to business, reason I invited you over is that your parents came to me few weeks before they were involved in an auto crash and left a small package for you. Actually, this package was your Mum's idea.

No need to panic dear, its has nothing to do with your inheritance besides your Uncle is also aware of these. Its only that it came with an instruction from your Mum late Mrs Louisa Williams.
Julian was so eager to lay her hands on the package her parents left behind for her as she requested for the package from her Dad's lawyer.

Her dad's lawyer then opens his drawer and brought out an envelope alongside a wrapped box and hands it over to Julian.
Julian collected the envelope alongside the wrapped box and asked if she could open it right away. Her Dad's lawyer replied and said, its your choice my dear.

Mine is to deliver the package to you which I just did. Whichever way you want, its your call.
Julian then opens her bag and drops the small box inside while she opens the envelop.
As Julian was about opening the envelope her Dad's lawyer suggest; she could take it home with her if she wishes not to open the envelope immediately too.

Julian replied and said she's going to open the envelope right away but as for the wrapped box. She will consider opening it later.
Julian opened the envelope and brought out a note which read thus;

Written by @jayfamous

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