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A truck backfired. A raccoon tipped a trash can. What ever it was, a sound woke her. Realizing she had to pee, she sat up, uncuffed the manacle around her right leg (the key was on the nightstand), and quietly crept out to the bath.

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She returned as quietly as she left, and locked herself into her shackle her master put on so she wouldn’t escape in the night. She felt master’s stroke her hair as snapped the latch shut. She knew the law. He could wake her any time at night, for anything. In practical terms, that always meant a blow job. Without a word, she calmed her mind and did as was her lot.

She kissed the wrist of the hand that stroked her. Then she kissed him up his arm and down his chest. Then continued down his belly, to his loins. His organ was still soft, but stirring. She loved it when she could take it all in her mouth and feel it grow.

She kissed him along his flaccid organ, holding it on her palm as she did. She gently licked his cock head then surrounded it with her lips. Gently, tenderly, for now; she took him in. She took all of him in, now before it grew hot, large, and demanding.

But he was growing large, and hot. When he held the back of her head forcing her to keep all of him in his mouth, that was demanding. His cock soon filled her mouth, pressing against the back of her throat. She felt herself choke.

She pushed back against his hands on her head, and he reluctantly relented, letting her pull up. But there it was once she slowly pulled out: his cock in its heated rock hard glory, throbbing before her eyes. It pulsated in fury in front of her, glistening from its time in her mouth. She kissed his tip again, sending him in a frenzy of sighs and gasps. But she watched for a while; taking him in with her eyes before taking him in with her lips.

But, oh, when those lips descended upon his cockhead, he thrust up upon her, trying to push his way in. But no, she pushed his hips down gently upon the bed and took him in slowly, gently, playing with her lips along that sensitive red-hot tip. She knew how infuriating it was. But she loved to tease. Loved to go down slowly, soon enough her lips will be around his shaft, but for now, she loved it when he became wild with frenzy and could do nothing about it.

Down, down, ever down upon his shaft she went. Surrounding his member, sucking, literally sucking the space out between her lips and his cock as she bobbed up and down. Slowly at first, then with her own wild abandon. He’d made her come forty, fifty times, or more yesterday. It was a well-planed part of her torture, integral with his whips and floggers, and everything else. Now, in the middle of the night, she can do her own brand of torture unto him in return, even while being his submissive slave.

Not to forget, he had his share of orgasms, too. More than a man should have in a day’s abandon. So, she knew his cock was overused and hurting. Yet he couldn’t refuse her. He’s like any other guy, when his cock is in her mouth he belongs to her. Guys are easy like that. Until, that is, he pushed her head down forcing his cock to the back of her throat once again as he began to come.

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Awesome sexy vision my hot little tamali. I eagerly await attention like that.

Thank you for finding this story.
I'll be posting more shortly.

Sexy steamy hot thanks, I rubbed my cock the whole time I read the story


Wow...what a naughty and erotic story, with a guys cock in your mouth you can get him to do almost anything- very true :)

Awesome story, Joe! Upvoted & resteemed!

Hot hot hot!!!

Yet he couldn’t refuse her. He’s like any other guy, when his cock is in her mouth he belongs to her. Guys are easy like that.

That's what they tell me, but I think it all balances out, wouldn't you say? Well, maybe not COMPLETELY balanced ;)

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This is cool writing I like dark and evil kinds of storys like this I will keep reading more and sometimes they make always me as dominatrix dark scripts and I love this it is so me!!

I would love to write a dark story for you

I will love to read something you write with me in your story!

I will put something up today please read my other stories and comment so I know what your thoughts are

I will have a story for you today, what is a good fantasy for you