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Master has his rules. At the moment it was she gives him a blow job when they wake. It was Sunday, they’d slept in, but both were stirring. She had a chance to pee and brush her teeth before Master opened his eyes.

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When she returned he was sitting, ready to crawl out of bed. She pushed him back down onto his pillow. After all, rules were rules. Sandra cast the sheets aside revealing his body in its naked splendor. His member rested in a recumbent repose, not yet willing to jump to attention for the feminine body with soft tight skin and tender lips.

Yesterday, they had a all-day scene. An all-day BDSM scene. She must have come thirty or forty times. Yes, he’d forced her as part of his choreographed day of sexual torture. He himself had come a wonderful four times. Then once again when she’d gone down on him in the middle of the night making it five.

But rules are rules. This slave was going to obey them, no matter how sore Master’s cock was. No matter how much Master’s cock wanted to sleep in. She knelt on all-fours between his legs. Whenever he started to sit, she’d push him back with a gentle hand on his chest. She tickled his flaccid member with the tip of her tongue. She cupped her breast, played with it, pulled on her nipples, with her right hand while propping herself up with her left. Number six coming up.

“Oooh,” Chris said. “Not now.”

Sandra shook her head, all the while keeping the tip of her tongue on her object of attention. She didn’t say a word. Rules are rules.

Man being man, with all his weaknesses and foibles, was never a match to woman-kind with a willing tongue. Chris’s member began to stir. Small pulses of life at first. Then he took to shape and recognizable size. Still woefully soft, but now with promise. She liked him best at this stage, watching him, enticing him, coaxing him, guiding him.

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She took his soft member into her mouth, all of it. She let it sit between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. With each pulse he filled her up all the more. She loved this part, too. And he had no objections, either, as Sandra felt his fingers on the back of her head. They were gentle caresses for now. Later he’d be ramming her head violently onto his burning cock making her make him cum in her mouth. But that would be for later. She’d get off on that part, too. All of it was a rush.

Soon, sooner than she’d liked, for she wanted to treasure the moment, he was too hard and too big to fit in all at once. She drew out, keeping her lips forever tight over his staff. Sandra circled his cockhead with her tongue. She knew this absolutely drove him out of his skin. This time was no different as he grabbed a fistful of her hair with either hand.

It was too much pleasure for one little penis. So, Sandra the sex slave, kept up her own torutre. Yes. she tortured him for ever time he’d made her come yesterday. Every time, that is, that was beyond her limit of sanity, somewhere over the count of fifteen or twenty. Every time she begged him to stop, begging that she had enough, and yet he didn’t. Every time she climaxed one more time then thinking he’d end this perverse game and he didn’t. She kept on circling his cockhead tip with her tongue tip and did not stop until she decided she wanted that errant member back deep into her mouth again.

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Then she did, she took him deep. He gasped in ecstatic pleasure raising his hip off the bed while pulling her down on him. She pushed him back down with a gentle palm on his belly.

Up and down she bobbed. She had him now. She slowed and quickened always varying her tempo. Tight with her lips around his shaft, then soft and gentle like a zephyr at dusk*.

He became hot, ever so hot. Even insofar as his cock was hot before, now it grew all the more furious. Like a rumbling volcano, something was about to errupt.

She bobbed up and down with all the more determination of her own. Chris pushed her onto himself clutching the back of her head, but he didn’t need to. She would have done exactly what she is doing in any case. She thought she’d get him to come that moment. She thought she’d catch a mouthful of cum. But not yet. It was apparent that she’d have to work hard for this sublime torture. Undeterred, she kept at it. Forever bobbing up and down, intense and fevered tempo.

It took him another twenty minutes before he screamed “I’m coming. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m coming.”

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*Today, I broke a cardinal rule in writing, that is never ever use the word zephyr, under any circumstance, even when playing with light-n-shadows.

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Lucky Sandra, that she had time to go to the bathroom! I always end up getting trapped in the sheets and with various body parts flying towards my mouth before I ever get a chance to relieve myself.

Great story, though. I stumbled upon this part first, but I’ll go catch up with the previous chapters right away 😏

I hope you like.
More to come soon. With all the blowjobs, I hardly have time to write.

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