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I first started in cryptocurrency at the end of 2015. I started researching Bitcoin and although I've heard about it in the past never understood the point. It wasn't until I started looking for information on Bitcoin that I saw the value of it. I knew I had to get some. I started off with a small investment of $40 dollars. From there I started looking for ways to make money within the crypto space. I found a few Bitcoin faucets. A Bitcoin faucet is a website with a bunch of ads that give you small amounts of Bitcoin for free just by staying on their page. It was fun receiving free money, but I'm impatient and decided this route was too slow.


I started coming across HYIP websites. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Progam. These websites are all over the place and usually guarantee a specific amount of Bitcoin per day "guaranteed". If you get in on one of these sites, in the beginning, it's possible you could come out on top. However, once you understand how these website work you'll likely stay away from them. Basically, they pay old investors with new investor's money. After a while, the website runs out of new users and can't pay anyone out anymore. Once this happens the site will go into maintenance, steal whatever coins remain and never be seen again. I got burned on a few of these sites, luckily I didn't lose too much money.


School of Hard Knocks

After getting an education on Bitcoin scams I started looking for something more legitimate. For years I've dabbled in blogging but never became successful at it. Probably because it's hard for me to focus on something for long periods of time. After doing my Youtube research, I found At the time it was only a couple of months old. People were discussing how Steem is a scam and it will fail. But, just like Bitcoin, I saw the value in Steemit. I joined immediately and since I had some blogging experience started testing the water on this new innovative platform. I was able to get my name out there a little bit on Steemit and earn a few dollars. Bitcoin at the time was not nearly as high in value and through Steem I was able to accumulate some Bitcoins. I was hooked, I found a way to make money online pretty easily. This is the type of technology I was looking for since the internet was founded. I knew there were tons of ways to make money online but cryptocurrency was the one that I'm successful at.

Make Money

After stacking a few Bitcoins, Coinbase decided to add a coin called Ethereum. I saw this and heard about how Ethereum was going to change everything. It sounded really interesting so I bought some at $12 per coin. I sat on Ethereum for months but it never went anywhere. Until one day the price went from $12 to $20. I started buying more Ethereum and sure enough, it blew up. Then I realized a lot of these ALT coins start off small on exchanges I wasn't using. So I started moving my profits into exchanges like Poloniex and buying up ALT coins. The gains were incredible and I was hooked. My small investment of money and time started blowing up.



The more involved I became in this space the more money I started making the more I started learning how the markets moved and worked. I learned how to take profits and buy back in low. The world is changing and so is my perspective. Most people don't even know what a Bitcoin is, but the average person can become successful within this space. Over the years after gaining so much experience I came up with a new strategy.

Research is a great place to visit to see a list of all cryptocurrencies in existence. I decided I wanted to buy a coin where the price was low enough I could afford a million of them. Of course, I wasn't going to just pick any coin, you have to do your research. I went down the list of coins finding all of them that were a penny or under. Coinmarketcap literally has all the information on a coin you need, market capitalization, total supply of coins, website, forums, news. I went through a few coins and couldn't find one that I liked enough to buy a million of. Until finally, I find a coin called Verge (XVG). I noticed it was listed on a ton of exchanges, had a slick website, an enthusiastic community, and a future. I started joining Verge's slack channel and telegram. I started seeing what the developers were saying and what people thought. I decided this is the coin I'm going to buy a million of, the best part the coin was only trading at $0.005. This is less than a penny. I purchased 1 million Verge coins at around $4000. I sat on these coins for a long time watching it go up and down. Eventually, I went on to other coins to be excited about. Until one day, I log into Bittrex and realize I'm up $10,000. Then I log in the next day I'm up $50,000 and the numbers keep going up. Verge explodes from 1 penny to 30 cents. You do the math.

The Strategy

This is how you make the real money in crypto. This is all I do now. Find the cheap coins and buy as many as I can up. The reason it's so profitable is that you can buy so many and even if the coin only moves a little bit you can make a fortune. If you buy a coin at 1 penny and it goes to 2 pennies you just doubled your money. If you buy one Bitcoin at $12,000, then you have to wait for it to go to $24,000 to double your money. This is the best crypto strategy. This is how you become a crypto-whale.


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Alt's are future.Stack them up! :)

Yes! I agree. It's called investing in the "small market cap" crypto-coins. I've only ever bought & sold Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Steem. I have dabbled a little bit in mining Doge and GridCoin. Doge is incredibly cheap - it recently went from 0.002 cents to 0.009 cents. Small beans - but still a 350% profit in about one month at the end of this last year. Just think if it goes to 10 cents! This is where you start making the insane whale-profits upwards of 20,000% - and, then you're talking! Cryptos are still just on the beginning of the uptake by the main-stream. I saw a market analysis predicting a $10 Trillion market cap for the cryptosphere - which is very reasonable, on a global scale. I wouldn't be too surprised to see cryptos, in general, continue to multiply profits at about 1,000%, on average. However, THIS year could be much better: the mainstream is starting to adopt cryptos en masse. We could see more like a 5,000% average rise.
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