Odin, king of the Gods

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This time I prefer to speak about a Nordic God, and he is not a simple God, he is the king of the Gods, Odin. Considered the God of war, death, wisdom, poetry and magic, son of God Bor and the gigantic Bestla, with two brothers, Vili and .

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Odin was considered the main God of the Nordic pantheon, where the government of the world of men and Gods rests and, although he does not create the world, he does create the first pair of humans, Ask and Embla. Odin was with 3 women, Jórd, Rind and Frigg, with Frigg he had Balder his first son, with Jord had Thor and with Ring had Vale.

Odin lost his right eye in a sacrifice to obtain the universal wisdom, drinking from the well of mimir, but that does not mean that his sight is limited since in his throne he can observe the 9 worlds and while the king of the Gods is not in his throne, well is one of his brothers, therefore Odin is also considered the God of past, present and future knowledge.

Wikia mythology

When Odin left his throne was for long trips, With an old hat, a dark coat and a cane, Odin gets the title of the walking God, but Odin is not alone, he has his two crows Hugin and Munin, which he orders them to fly in different directions, surrounding the world and then they rest on their shoulders and tell them what they saw, and two wolves called Geri and Freki, who only eat wine and mead.

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Odin had a vision, saying: the gray wolf threatens the dwelling of the Gods. That wolf was the dreaded Fenrir that killed him by devouring him. The Fenrir is the son of Loki (is it surprising that an animal is the son of a God? It is not the first time, Pegasus, the winged horse, is the son of Poseidon) created only to kill Odin, but At the moment, Odin's son murdered the beast before the Ragnarok happened.

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The Nordic mythology can be very barbaric, very abrupt, but that's how the Vikings are, that's the Valhala, the paradise where you can get drunk, eat up no more power and have wonderful women.




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