Farewell Florida & Grunge Bucket (with Video)

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Last week I packed my bags and left Florida for my hometown of New York. I went down south for a film job 2 1/2 years ago, and though that gig ended after a year, I'd ended up staying in the land of alligators and Disney World. Living in the old charming 1950's home in Winter Park was pretty cool....but the place was a shit-hole and in disrepair. The landlord didn't feel like fixing up the joint in the hopes that a developer would buy it and knock it down to build a McMansion, which had happened to half of the other homes on the block. It really killed that old Florida appeal.

Ahhhh gentrification....that's just how it goes...especially since Central Florida has become insanely popular over the last 10 years and the population is increasing unabated. Orlando is the new Miami....and that really is a bummer man. All of the charming mom n pops are shutting down to make way for corporate chains or pricey yuppie hang outs & the wide open spaces are turning into shopping centers and parking lots....as if Florida needed more of those. Some pieces of the facelift are much needed... but if Wally's of Winter Park, The Lodge of downtown Orlando or Little Vietnam ever shut down....I won't see a reason to return to Central Florida.

It is what it is. That's progress....I guess. So, my roommates and I decided to shoot some video to document our time at our lovable piece of crap home & I edited it together to the song, 'When Will I See You Again'. We'll certainly miss all the dust, the animals crawling around in the ceiling, the leaky roof, the windows that wouldn't open because they were painted shut, the warped back door that wouldn't open in the rain, the busted up fence in the backyard, the non-functional dishwasher & the cockroaches. It was crap...though it had charm.

Fare thee well Grunge Bucket. Fare thee well. May your new tenants or demolition team treat you with love and kindness like we all did.

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Wow that's a good story I like your article thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading & watching

Super farewell video and great song. The combo does well! :) Great friends you have!

Much appreciated thanks. I was fortunate enough to make some good friends while I was in FL.

Your article got selected by the IINC team and is featured in the "Curator's Choice" series. Congrats!

Really? Well shit! Awesome. Thanks

How cool! Friends is what life is all about! :)