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How I changed from an awkward weirdo to an interesting human being

Here's a pretty wild pic of me :)

But it wasn't too long ago I was trying on weird vests in my parents basement...

It took me a long time to get to that first picture.

Yes, that picture is absolutely ridiculous. There's Liam, side burns raging, rocking the purple polo and of course pretending to touch tongues with a girl (who happens to be one of my closest friends). I love that picture because my whole life, up to about 6 months ago, I would have NEVER done anything like that.

Let's go back to freshman year of high school.

That was me. I had long hair that hid most of my face and I wasn't sure how to fit in or what I was going to bring to the world. All of this combined made me a shy little guy who was terrified to make a move on a girl.

I stayed this way for a long time. Awkward conversation after awkward conversation. I couldn't build a real relationship with a girl for more than a few hours without thinking "I'm too awkward" and then never trying to hang out with her again.

Then, I started to TRY and build better relationship skills. I would go to the beach and talk to random girls and try to get their number.

This pic looks great right!? Well it only lasted an afternoon. This girl wanted to take some pics to make her ex boyfriend jealous and well I was that guy.

You see I went to the beach and met strangers because it didn't matter how weird or awkward I was. No one at home would find out what I said so there was no risk. I could say anything!

But when I went home I got tossed back into reality. I was still that same awkward kid who couldn't get a girl....


Suddenly, out of nowhere, I got my first girlfriend.

So now you're probably thinking "Yay! He did it! He somehow magically got a girl". And it's honestly kinda true. One of my my guy friends invited her to a party, we started talking, hung out for a second time and I came out of my shell a bit.

Now I had someone I could trust. FINALLY one girl who I didn't feel awkward around. A girl who I could truly be myself with. And I clung to that feeling. Spent what felt like every second of everyday hanging out with her.

Then, as suddenly as it started, it was over. 2 months had gone by and she was no longer interested and I was back to my lonely, awkward self. You see the fact that she "just fell into my lap" means that I didn't solve any of my problems. It was back to an awkward square one.

This stuck with me all through high school and into my first year of college. It wasn't until the summer after my freshman year of college that something crazy happened. I decided to man up and actually ask girls to hang out with me!

Nothing too special or frisky ;). I just did normal people things with normal people.

Slowly I got more comfortable. Started coming out of my shell more often and that's where things started to get really weird..

I actually connected with more people! Especially girls!

Something that was virtually impossible for me about 2 months ago was now simple. I could easily make friends. And I would get the occasional girlfriend :)

(The red head on my right)

Once I started to get the ball rolling, there was no stopping it. Now I seem to build relationships with men and women easier than ever before and can get a girlfriend if I just put in a little effort ;)

So what was the point of that story?

Well I wanted to inspire people to put themselves out there and push their limits. I know this was just a short story about how I used to suck with girls and now I don't, but the point is I didn't see a real change until I actually pushed myself.

Most of my life up to this point I hadn't had many true friends who were girls. It wasn't until I pushed my comfort zone that I saw a real tangible difference.

So, I hope this story inspires you to go talk to that cute girl/guy you've been thinking about! Push your limits, get through that awkward stage and see what's waiting on the other side.

That's what I've been doing and it seems to be working out so far :)

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