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Taken while sightseeing in Louisville with my
friend Shawn who showed me the sights. The detail
is incredible. Talk about and you dedication


The bark in this tree spoke to me the with
it’s rough texture while walking around in
the neighborhood. You can find art anywhere
just open your eyes.


excelente post amigo, siempre nos sorprendes con variada informacion, esto es una verdadera obra de arte...

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really beautiful tree made with art.

Thank you chingcha.

Wow what an interesting tree ... I like it!
Beautiful .. :)
Thank you for showing us his ...

nice post nice art.

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amazing post i check your blog . you are good artist

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Hey friend, it is true that those spectacular things are lying beside many of us, if we can realize it right, we can understand its meaning... @luckfellow

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Nature is the purest art and the senses find if they are awake. Thanks for the post friend.

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Such a great idea, to give this dead tree a second life :)
Very creative and good looking :)
I used to have a big tree in my garden and was thinking of cutting a tree spirit into it.
Then after a big storm it became a danger to the house and the housing company cut it down :(
It has been many years ago but I still miss it.

Thanks for posting and supporting me :) Have a great day !

I believe people should reach out and help each other. Thank you openheart.

So cute luckyfellow

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