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Lincoln woke up suddenly, frightened of the terrible dream he’d had. His face showed a pale tone, clearly indicating fear for what might be, the prophecy signaling the destruction of the kingdom as they knew it. The (Lincoln) was only one of the workers in the great castle, where lived the king of the empire of Orario; however, what almost no one knew, was that he was not born in this empire, he came from a very distant place, the “Lost Kingdom of Dragons”.
It had been more than 100 years since anyone had seen a dragon. Ancient stories about these creatures became scarcer and scarcer, and when they were told, they gradually became tales or urban legends. Many said that the previous king of Orarius had killed the last dragon with his sword; others believed that the dragons had moved away from every human being, and had gathered in a place that was beyond the limits of the world, where the sky and the sea combine, forming a single horizon. In fact, it was something that only Lincoln knew.
Without being able to fall asleep again, Lincoln finally heard the rooster’s first song, which indicated the beginning of the day’s work. He had been working in the king’s castle for two years, so he was used to it. However, this day was different, leaving his bed unmade, and only taking the minimum time, so that his appearance would be “acceptable”, he entered the royal chamber, where the king, the queen and a young princess (daughter of the kings) were. Without giving time to the guards who would react to stop him, he ran to the throne, shouting: “You must escape now, the dragons come and all will die”. His attitude, impertinence, and even his appearance were something that greatly angered the king; this resulted in the king without any delay condemning him, immediate death, he was not worthy of the king’s presence. However, before the spears of the guards pierced him, great roars were heard, and the city began to burn with flames. Before anyone reacted, five great dragons - the five judges - appeared in the village and began to destroy everything.
Lincoln knew them very well, those were the beings he had cared for and raised when he was just a little boy. Now, at the age of 20, he could remember every teaching that his dragon “parents” had given him. The truth is that 200 years ago, the dragons, charged with judging the world and punishing the terrible actions of human beings, had decided that they would no longer tolerate man’s evil. Willing to destroy the whole earth, and destroy humanity, they reached Orario, killed every soldier and even the king had already been defeated; however, its destruction was stopped by a small child, only 3 years old, who lived on the street. Although he had neither parents nor family, the heart of the little one was pure, without any stain of evil, which they thought impossible.
In the light they saw, the five judges decided to take the little one to a place far from the reach of any evil in man’s world, a place called the "lost kingdom. There Lincoln, was educated and cared for by all the dragons that surrounded him, admired for his purity, they transmitted all their knowledge to him. He learned to read and write, he was taught the art of governing and the concepts of justice and respect. When he was eight years old, the five judges took him as an apprentice. He learned to see the future and developed the gift of dreaming visions and prophecies. There he was happy.
Finally, when he turned 18 and his education culminated, he was sent to the world of man, he would be the eyes of the dragon judges, which would show the truth of the world. In Orario, he saw only evil, licentiousness and decadence; the people stole and starved to death; the rich and powerful used their power to satisfy their lower passions; and the royal family cared only for their superficial desires. This meant that after two years of tolerating this cruel reality, the five judges and the rest of the dragons decided to put an end to man’s evil. They wiped out cities and empires, towns and fiefdoms. Finally, Lincoln watched helplessly as his own kind received the punishment they deserved. He tried with all his might to save them, but they constantly only mocked him and treated him badly; until the last second, he tried to help those who did not deserve it. With tears in his eyes, he walked away from destruction, as he flew on the back of a dragon; sadly, he looked upon the fate of his own.
When he reached the lost kingdom, he was called by the five judges, the rulers of all the dragons. Going to his presence he saw 50 human beings, men, women and even children and old people. They explained to him that they had not yet become contaminated with the evil of man’s former world, they were chosen to create a new kingdom of justice and equity. In this kingdom, Lincoln would be the king and leader, his duty was to use what was taught by the dragons, to give the human race a new beginning.
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