A Short Tale 3

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Chapter 3

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! Fuuuuccccckk!. Screaming at the top of your lungs you now feel a little better. Turning from the Hologram you notice a side door just to the left. Walking through the Hologram, you make your way through the door and down a lightly illuminated hallway. Seeing body parts scattered, you gasp from the putrid smells coming from the decaying corpses. Standing still you listen and begin hearing a searing sound, as if something metal was being dragged somewhere further down the hall.

As if seized by a thunderbolt your body locks up your head stiffens as your eyes roll back….and memories flash. Peeking through a hole in an object, you shift your body and can't move and your mouth is covered. Instantly you panick and begin to shift violently trying to get free.

Doctor: Subject x32 is waking. More anesthesia.

Relaxing you fall back asleep. Suddenly you awaken outside an elevator on floor 85….

Woow. How did our character get to the elevator and he's on the correct floor. Was he dreaming or is this a dream. And there goes that mention of x32. Who is our character and what was that noise that knocked him out. Stay tuned for more twist and turns.


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