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This is the previous episode, make sure to check it here for you to understand the story.


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It's a week since Aish stays in our house. It's a week but still nothing's happen. We are now sitting under that jack-fruit tree. Remember that time when I was sitting here? Well, this time is different because I'm with Aish.

We're spending time for almost an hour but we never talk. She's busy looking at the full moon, while I'm so busy watching her pretty face. It's obvious that she's thinking with him. I could tell from her face of the loneliness. It's devouring her but I don't like that because I want her to think of me instead.

I suddenly stand up and said "AHHHHH" like I'm afraid. She's surprised and asked me, "Hey, what's wrong?" I can see in her face that she seems afraid. I move my head in different direction like looking for something. She stand up as well and hold my arm. I'm laughing inside and said to her seriously. "Nothing, I just realize something. I feel so hot right now." Then place my fingers in my eye and making a peace sign. She look's annoyed because of it. She slaps my head in the back and said. "Are you gay? Hot your eyes." She continues on slapping me in different parts of my body.

That's how our date ended under that tree. Nothing's happen again and the night ended with nothing. It's friday again and it's my time to sing in that beer garden. People in the beer garden are starring at me because I have this pretty lady walking together. I smile to them with an arrogant face. Well, of course I'm with this woman and said to myself. "If these guys know about this lady doing at me, I'm sure they will be jealous as well. Jealous to have a boring life instead."
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I start singing and I chose to sing the love songs. I want her to feel what I feel for her through singing. I closed my eyes while singing but when I open my eyes. Damn she's already drunk and didn't hear my singing. I'm done singing and carrying her in going home. I was thinking a minute ago to carry her at the front like a princess but she's an athletic woman. She have muscles that are bigger from me so I'm carrying her at the back like a piggy back carry.


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She's really drunk, while we're going home. She keep on talking to that guy. I feel the sadness from her words and from her actions. While she's talking, she keep on hoking me that I can't almost breathe. I put her down beside the road where there are nice grass and said. "Wait..wait, you're hurting me huh." She slowly open her eyes without recognizing who I am and said. "Yeah, you're like that, you always think that I'm hurting you even though it's not like that."

I don't know what to say after she said that. She's back to sleep and I just carry her again. I feel pity for her and I feel jealous of that guy. Aish, a pretty and strong woman love her that much. I want to cry because of jealousy, I want to have a love story like that.

The morning has come, I slept in the floor while she's in the bed. I stand up and moving my arms and stretching. I'm watching her sleeps well. I slowly walk towards her, I lay in the bed where she's laying.


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"Aish... Aish..." I'm calling her with a low tone voice. I touch her face with my one finger. I smile because she sleeps deeply. I'm hesitate to see her so close. I slowly move my head by not looking at her. "Just a kiss in the cheek." I said to myself slowly.

I now face my face into her face. I think it's fine at this distance. But when I almost kiss her, she suddenly opens her eyes. I don't know what to do as she opens her eyes. My eyes are flickering because of nervousness that she caught almost kisses her. I smile like there's nothing, I look back and suddenly run.


She's shouting and I run outside the house. My mother asked me what happened there. I just ignored her and run outside the house. I saw Aish going down and talking to my mother. She saw me outside so I run again towards the the shore.


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I'm laying down in the shore while holding my stomach. I start to feel hungry because it's 3 hours that has passed when I left home. I haven't eaten breakfast and even coffee. I rise up into sitting and said to myself. "Why was she mad? Just a kiss in the cheek."

Suddenly someone choke me from the back. "What did you mean just in the cheek? You're not allowed to do that." Aish said to me while choking me. I tap her hand that is choking me. You know she's strong, so of course it hurts. "Okay.. okay.. sorry I won't do it again." I said to her while catching my breathe. *"Are you sure?" She asked. "Yes, will you let me go." I replied.

She let me go and breathe heavily. "Do you really want to kill me?" I said to her while catching my breathe. "How weak are you? I didn't put too much strength of it." I am now afraid because for me it was really strong. I promise to follow and won't make her mad again.

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We are now spending time in travelling. Of course she's rich so she's the one in charge of expenses. I feel like a body guard even though she's stronger to me. I can feel that we are now being closer to each other. As passed by together with her. I don't know but it seems she have feelings for me at last.

One time we ride in a boat. It's the two of us of course. We're facing each other while riding in a boat. I don't know but it seems a little bit awkward now. Usually I don't have feelings towards her because she already knew what I feel for her. It's just awkward maybe because when I look at her I noticed she's looking at me. Then I act like a child who look's in different direction.

I'm so happy with it but when we arrived home. She said that she's fine now. She wants to go back in their place and continues her life as before. My happiness being together with her ended. I didn't talk back and stay silent for long.


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I have no idea what's happening to me. "Wai.. wait, she's here. Why are you crying, huh?" Said to myself while wiping my tears. I turn back and to hide it. Aish maybe notice it because she said. "Sorry Carl, I think it's not the right time for now. I should face myself alone of what's hurting me before starting again." She said to me without looking at her.

After hearing what she said my chest feels really heavy. I nod down while I'm seeing my tears falling into the ground. I'm not sobbing because it's embarrassing that she's with me. I don't know what to say towards here. I want to answer her, I'm forcing myself to talk but I'm afraid to do so. She'll notice that my voice will change. She's pulling my back to see my face and to hear what my answer. I just suddenly stand and said. "HOOOHHH!! I'm really hot no matter how many times I think of it."

This time she smile and it gives me reason to segway the topic. This time she's really smiling. I can see in her face that she's not that lonely like before. Although she still doesn't love me. We then have a normal conversation and the day ended with happy faces.

I saw her riding in a car going away. I'm wearing a sun glasses so he won't notice me crying. I show a smiling face but deep inside I'm crying. While her, it look's like there's nothing lonely with her leaving me alone. Well, what to expect she doesn't feel anything for me anyway.

I cried hard when she left already. I express the sadness I'm feeling into the shore...

2 years later...


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So it's 2 years has passed when I left Carl in this place.I knew his wearing glasses when I left because he was crying. I want to hug him but if I'll do I was afraid that I wi just burt him. But now that I'm back, I am sure now that I will accept the love of Carl to me. That stupid guy who always found something funny.

I'm so excited to see him, to hug him and tell him that I really love him. When I arrived at their house I feel like the house seems lonely. It's not like before that it gives me a good vibes.

I saw Carl notices me but it seems he's not that happy to see me anymore. He just raise his eyebrows saying that he saw me. It hurts me seeing Carl like that. It's like a different person and not him. He had a sad face unlike before he always had a stupid face...

I wonder why it's happening when I'm ready......

to be continued..

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