Story time #1! You have to read it!!! Based on real facts!

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It all starts with a certain feeling and a simple thought!Everything seems so easy to us from the moment we came into the world and during our childhood we believe that life is a game ... a simple fun game but when we go through the phases of change and become more and more mature we realize that it is not so easy, we begin to open our eyes and see the real world. And sometimes we wonder ... Why? For what? Since? How? Where? ... which creates moments of joy, but never inner happiness. Therefore, the whole manifestation can be a support of play and joy if you do not interfere in the evolution of what has become human, by establishing rules and law, encouraging consciousness, if you do not attach to anything and understand that what is born appears from what dies, that your dear friends and playmates always spring from you.
So it is with LOVE and SUFFERING...It all starts with a smile but in the end it ends with a tear. Sad but true.
This is how a love story begins, which at the moment is in a moment of insecurity. It all started on January 3, 2014, when two teenagers met. A 16-year-old girl who had suffered a painful breakup, but was trying to get over it and still smile even though she felt it was the end of her world. Until this "HE" appeared. A 17-year-old boy who was willing to show his true love. They were not the same, they were totally different but so suitable for each other. She is a shy, sensitive and so childish girl, and he is a jerk. Although they had two totally parallel characters, the two fell in love with each other. Hours, days and even months passed and the two fell in love more and more. Until the boy made a wrong decision and fell ..He ended up in prison, the girl when she found out what happened to him she felt her heart break for the second time in her life. Although he promised that he would never make her suffer again, he did it in the worst way, he left her.For a while the two of them wrote letters, gathered their thoughts and restrained their feelings on a piece of paper. Until the girl decided to visit him for the first time since he got to prison, she was so scared and confused ... How could he get there? How?...Face to face, they didn't even have the strength to look at each other or have a conversation, they were in front of each other, they were so close but still very far away because a window separated them, they couldn't wipe away each other's tears. hug even to shake hands. Tears streamed down her face, everything was like a horror movie, so scary but very true. She could not accept reality, she did not want to believe that for a long time she would not be next to him.Even if he was wrong, he proved that from a scumbag he can become a boy with a soul. The two kept in touch and their love continued. They promised each other that they would be strong and together they would overcome this stalemate. They talked on the phone every day, they strengthened each other and from time to time the girl went to visit him. The day of liberation came he was so happy and she was so eager to see him, at first when he came everything was weirder she was not the same and he was more careless .. they both had the same thought. Doesn't he love me anymore? What happens? After a while they both recover, they started spending more time together and they loved each other unconditionally. They were so happy even though they were arguing about everything, they got along very quickly, a few months passed and they were inseparable ... the perfect couple.But it happens that the girl's mother finds out about the boy, where she was and what she did, she doesn't agree and opposes the relationship, she doesn't let her be with him anymore. The boy, when he heard that her mother did not agree, had simply gone mad, despairing of the pain and did not know what to do so as not to lose her, he tried to talk to her in all possible ways but in vain ... The girl knew she couldn't live without him, but he couldn't live without her.Even if they stopped talking, they were still thinking about each other and they both promised each other that in the future they would see each other again and continue their love and fulfill their dream of having a family together.