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RE: Part Two: Why My Home Town's Residents Love Bagpipes And Parades

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Love this story about the bagpipes talking to each other and helping the boat find its safe landing! And wow bagpipes every night, I'd like that but it must be quite traumatic for @knarly327. LIghthouses, Canadians...both are treasures.


Oh nice to chat with you @naureofbeing!
Yes, after a while it starts to become quite repetitive.
I love lighthouses. I've actually had the good fortune of being able to go up inside a few of them now. I've only ever gone up one in the summer time, during the day and it's quite hot at the top because of the glass, the sun and the height.

Yes I"m sure the sound of the pipes gets old fast! Have you ever seen this video? It's become a popular representation of Portland creativity and individuality:

Hahaha! No, I've never seen it. I have 10 months to practice if I start now.
My town has a 10 year reunion and a huge parade and party next Aug...I might be able to pull this off by then.

hahaha! maybe just show a video of this ;-)