Seven Fairies and Fools Sheikh

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Shekhchini, born in a poor Sheikh family, gradually became young. It was not read-written, so playing on the skeleton all day. One day the mother said- 'Mian do some work, do business. Bus, looking for work left from Shekhchilli village. The mother had given seven loaves for the road. Shekhchilli came very far from the village. If you see a well, you sit there. Eat Thought Roti He started counting the bread and said, 'Eat a meal .. eat two .. I eat three meals or seven? There were seven fairies in that well. He was scared when he heard the voice of Sheikh-Chilli They came out of the well. They said, 'Look, do not eat us. We give you this jar. This will give it to you. Shekhchinil Mann Gaya. He came back with a loaf of bread and a pot. Told the whole story with the mother Mother demanded wealth from the pitcher. She became wealthy. Then he brought the message from the market. He climbed on the roof of the house and asked to loot them. Shechchilli laughs and eats a lot. The clerics wondered about where such wealth came from. Shekhchilli said, 'We have a pitcher. He asks for what he gives. The clerics asked his mother to show that pot. The mother said, 'This fucks. I have no such pitcher. Shekhchini said, 'Why, I did not have the pot! There were also raindrops for the day. The mother laughed with the idolaters and said, "You heard! They never tell from the roof. It keeps talking about such foolishness. ' Logopit_1535348852799.jpg


wow lovely content its feels very good to read :)

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