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Nice post bro. :)

However, nowadays competition has increased to a very high level in steemit. So, I would suggest you to write little bigger posts (1000+ words). Also add attractive suitable images in your posts.

The success motto of Steemit:

Hardwork + Focussed Niche + Socialization (make friends and followers) = Success

If you have interest in science and technology do good research on your favourite topic and write incredible post. (You may check my high paid posts for an idea of the format.) I, however, recommend you to write 2000 words post. Give time and hardwork to each and every post. Try to write like professionals. Check great authors in #SteemSTEM. Also use "SteemSTEM" tag in your science posts. This is the success mantra in steemit.

Hope to see you very much successful here. :)


First of all thankyou for sharing these tips with me, I will mark your words and work on my posts as you suggested, i am so thankful to you, but for now I am taking my brake from steemit for 5 months coz I m preparing for jee and just 4 months are left for jee mains, you might be knowing about it. So, good bye and thanks once again for all your guidance🤗🤗🤗🤗