A Story About A Young Lady Who Felt She Could Only Get Married To An Handsome Rich Man And The Way She Was Punished.

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When the proud lady took the young looking man to meet her parents, the father suspected that something was wrong, so the old man summoned his wife, he drew her to a corner and told her about the sign that the ring had shown.


He said affirmatively that the young man was not good for their daughter, he told her that his magic ring had confirmed it so he should please take her to the back of the house and talk to their daughter about the big mistake she is about to make.
The woman who loved her daughter and will not want her daughter to fall into any trap said they must not allow any calamity befall them and she hurried to do as her husband has instructed her to do, but even as the mother tried to speak to her daughter, all she said made no sense at all to her, she had her mind made up and she was determined to get married that day, she was not ready to have anything change her mind.


She warned her mother not to try to stop her because she will marry the cute looking man that same day. That evening, her parents had to give in to her wish and get her married to the strange young man.
She left with the man and they both travelled on foot into a thick forest, she was not bothered about the strange place they were heading towards because she felt safe with him and since she had never found anyone as good looking as he is, she decided to go with him.


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