Stay Away From Bad Friends [14]

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Tobi did not say anything. He waited until the teacher had come to class.

Then he raised his hand and when the teacher called on him, he rose and said.
"Sir, Tinder here has plenty of money with him. He said his uncle in America gave him.


How possible can this be? "
Tunde was shocked
The teacher too was surprised. He called Tunde and asked him for the money. Tunde first tried to deny but when the teacher asked Tobi about it and Tobi said it was in Tunde's bag, Tunde admitted and brought out the money.

The teacher was shocked when he saw the money. "Where did you get this money? " he asked.
Tunde was afraid but he insisted that it was his uncle in America that sent the money to him.
"You have an uncle in America? " the teacher asked him.
"Yes sir, " Tunde said.


You are doing well, great work my friend

This is lovely

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