Stay Away From Bad Friends [15]

in #story4 years ago

Where in America? the teacher asked.
Tunde was quiet for a long time and the teacher had to repeat the question.
Jerualem, Tunde replied.


Now, it was clear to Tobi that it was a lie, and how on earth was Jerusalem in America? the boy was such a dunce, he thought.
The teacher held up his cane threateningly. You are a liar, if you have an uncle who is sending you money, you would know where he is in America and by the way, Jerusalem is a city in the middle east.

Now, confess to me or I will take you to the headmistress office, he said.
Every child in the school was afraid of the headmistress and they dreaded her. The mention of her was enough for any child to shiver.


Bo bo bo. Olubo iwo ni. Iwo ni olubo. Ebo mi ajitola

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