Stay Away From Bad Friends (19)

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Here, you can help in reforming him and making him see the dangers if he continues like this. I will also be on the look out for him when he is home and I will ensure that he does not take what does not belong to him. We have to make him a better citizen in future, he said.


The headmistress thought over what the man had said and heaved a sigh. Well, I see you point an I accept but you must sign an undertaken for his good behaviour henceforth, she said.

Tunde returned to the class but he was so embarrased, he was angry with Tobi and he refused to talk to him again. Tobi did not mind. He would rather not keep a bad friend so that he did not get into trouble.
Fortunately, the teacher in his wisdom relocated Tunde from that seat.


Great share. It is good to see your writings

Okajo awon okun

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