The Proud Maiden (8)

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You must bring down your shoulders, she said her. Beauty is like a flower whose time is only but short. It blossoms only for a while and withers away as fast as you could imagine.
My daughter, don't be deceived. A day would come and it would be gone with the wind. Accept the proposal of........


Shut up, you ugly wretched woman! Adanma screamed hotly. Her outburst made the woman tremble with fear.
How dare you meddle in my affairs as if you were my mother?

Angrily, she walked out of the woman's presence.
The old woman not happy with the young maiden's impudence. She returned home feeling very irritated and infuriated.


Talabafi o we ooo. Erure to ba

Oloruntio soro ti tiinoyo erure to ba