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Mile 1 market

I was at the drug session of the popular mile 1 market in Port Harcourt to pick up some medicines for the patients of an eye care outreach programme i am presently working on with my optometrist friend.
I had some eye drops in my cart, dispensing envelopes, a bottle of clear vision capsule, a cup of vitamin c and some tablets. While i sat still bargaining and trying to maximise every naira in my wallet, i gazed across the walk way and on to the shelves of the drug store opposite and what i saw captivated me, a bottle of Tutolin syrup.

I had seen cough syrups before but never in my life (especially life after being a steemian) have i seen one that put an instant smile on my cheeks. Funny how someone that grew up with a phobia for pills, syrups and illness will be smiling at one right? I was shook myself but i was particularly fascinated by the logo on the pack of the drug, guess what! A Steem logo prototype.

At first i thought, Wow! Steemit has a drug now?, then immediately i remembered how young people in my city abuse drugs like this.
Drug abuse has become a societal menace sweeping through every nook and cranny of the Nigerian state, from cough syrups to tramadol tablets, marijuana to cocaine, people even go as far as inhaling faeces from sewage pits. The police squad stationed at the park axis of town just under the overhead bridge now conduct routine checks and "stop and search" in a bid to clamp down on illegal retailers and drug dealers.

With current statistics revealing Nigeria has overtaken India as the poverty capital of the world, unemployment level is on the rise and people have lost faith in the government of the day. Depression setting in and the youths are visibly frustrated, doing drug is the escape route for most which feels like the more cowardice thing to do; running away from the problem with a false sense of ecstasy.

Drug abuse has never done anyone good and should be strongly discouraged. It has ruined lives, careers and turned homes apart. But why do drugs to get high when there is a better alternative.

Steem high

Steemit like we all know is the first social media platform built on blockchain that rewards authors and publishers. The platform is so unique it blows my mind everytime at the thought of how highly equipped it is. The number of smart, creative and educated minds on this platform is overwhelming and i've been having a great time especially with the @Steemjet team powered by my boss @dimimp.

Apart from meeting amazing people and broadening one's scope you also get paid, all while having fun plus the contests available on the community makes it so heart warming. If i were to ever get high on something to add to my addiction and love for football (sadly my country Nigeria just got knocked out of the world cup in Russia) it would most definitely be a steem high.

I look forward to doing greater things here & meeting more amazing people like the wonderful @charisma777 i met after my #introduceyourself post weeks ago as well as the adventurous @kofigordon i was marvelled at his very passionate Steemjet post.

On my way to the eye outreach the other day i was involved an auto accident which affected 7 cars, i can't wait to share the experience so its going to be somewhere among my next couple of blog posts.

Until then, please everyone STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. If you must get high then make it a STEEM HIGH.


Please leave your thoughts in the comment section and before you leave the post which i suppose you'd do after you might have upvoted so you would go on to peruse other amazing contents on the platform, resteem too.

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Thank you guys. Its great to be part of this amazing community

I enjoyed reading this

I just read an articles last night about the codeine addiction in Nigeria, it's everywhere unfortunately!
I like that steem high image!!!
Keep getting STEEM HIGH my friend😃

Thank you dear.. how are you?

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Best article I read in a few days. Good job. I also like blogging about getting high and getting high blogging.