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RE: Part Two: Why My Home Town's Residents Love Bagpipes And Parades

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It's really great to see that you guys are keeping up with the traditions that started started so long back! Wow!
Very interesting about the lone piper at the light house, just wondering, is it always the same people or it changes daily?


Good question @progressivechef! My understanding is that there is a team or group of Pipers who fill the nightly role. It's not always the same person.
Next year is a 10 year reunion. It's called the Old Boys and Old Girls reunion. There will be 40-50 different clans and bands represented for that festival. Our hometown normally has a year-round population of 12,000 people. Next year, during the 4 days that the reunion is celebrated there will be 50,000+. It's a much bigger deal than this particular celebration.

Oh that will be a grand one then! Lots of fun ahead my friend! Do share some pics of the food that we can get there, i'm always curious to discover!

That is one thing that I am going to try to work on... including more of our regional food and cuisine.