Dalits and our society

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Can anyone be beaten because of keeping a mustache? Can anyone be killed so that he dies? Is it a bad thing against any caste? What then is that which causes a Dalit to be killed after seeing a procession or seeing garba? There can be many reasons for quarrels and murders, but is this the cruel truth of our society still not exist? If we think of this grin sitting within the society, then will it be very bad? In the society, the assertion is ending to a large extent but the percentage of survival is not low.

This new form of assassination is poor. It is only a mistake that makes someone less in somebody's eyes and changes the behavior of society towards him. Is there a problem in getting involved with this violence and people standing with it? Why are they silent? Is there a shortage of things in Gujarat, where the boys are being beaten due to the mustache? If the government does not give jobs then why are they expelling the anger of the Dalit youth sitting in the empty house? The government does not consider you worth more than ten thousand rupees for the work of contract and you are that you are throwing it on Dalits? You must have known who is here from you.20180825_120547_0001.png


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