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During British rule, various units of Rajasthan were unified and renamed as Rajputana, because most of the states mentioned above were ruled by Rajputs. After Rajputana, this state was renamed Rajasthan. Today, this colorful beautiful state is known as this Rajasthan.

It is noteworthy here that in the origin of both Rajputana and Rajasthan names the word "Raj" has emerged in the main form, which indicates that this land was being dominated by Rajputs and it was ruled by Rajputs for a long time. Due to the bravery, valor and sacrifice that Rajputs showed to protect this land, its reputation has been recognized all over the world. Even today, with the glory of Rajputs, E-Chappa land is proud.

Famous history writer Colonel Todd called this state "Raiasthan" because the local literature and the language of the Rajas' residence were called Raithan, Sanskrit form of the state became Rajasthan, Harsh Kalyan Prantipati, who ruled this unit of the unit. , Were called Rajasthani.In the seventh century, when the part of this province became under Rajput kings, then they were given the post of pre-existing officials. Group This part has been to Rajasthan has labeled whom say Raysthan local literature. India's name became independent, and many states re Prinishtit Retweeted accept any character distinguished name of Rajasthan state.20180825_120547_0001.png


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