It was raining somewhere near night yesterday

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I am reading this novel that i am sharing now...

It was raining somewhere near night yesterday. Before dawn, the wind entered the number three Godpukur lane before it was found to be one. He looked at the sky in the face of the face and said, "Sour or come!" After the shake, the head has taken the look of the head, and the ribbed thighs in the body, so that the heel of the feet goes out to cover the cage, the scar of the water Fall. Whether In front of a paved tube well. A young girl was sitting on the floor under her teeth. Tooth teeth will not be cleaned until a bicycle comes in the mouth of the lava at the end of the narrow lane. The young woman said, 'Omg, what are you doing?
"Did the rain come or not?
Shit, There is no cloud in the sky, no rain will come! "
"But that cold wind got, cold."
Young girl lips rolled After grinding his teeth, he said, "Why are you sitting at the front of the chest?" Coming to bat? "
After falling in the chest of the Thane falling in the chest asked, "Who goes?"
He did not answer that.

There was no room in the house that was full of stuffed curved tin and broken tiles. The cold air was mistakenly entered on this narrow path. Usually, they play very close to the sun near the houses. This area is named after the Belgrade Bridge and it is named Bantu. Poor cottage groups of poor. The settlement has collapsed and left a lot of things. The only address of one and a half hundred people in the second house, the number three Godparent lane.

Now, there are no words in the last four hours for the last four hours in twenty four hours. Sitting in the loneliness, the young woman looked at the old woman with a scarf. After four years, there will be one hundred. It does not seem to be anymore. Not the voice of throat. Not even in the eye. Long days He said, "did not sleep at night?"
The old man said, 'Why do you sleep?' Your body burns like you or you! "
The young girl's eyes were small, "Who am I?"
'Blaze! Otherwise, why do you brush the tooth in the morning? If you see me Haleakala book to cover why? "
'What?, will not be able to bribe the girl?' I have given it for twenty two years. "" Why are you still alive? "" Mother dead, I'm going to die, sorry? 'Omg, still want to survive? Have not you been alive so long? " Will not see tomorrow's day? During the shower, I say, O God, show tomorrow's day. Who goes? "The old woman stood up.

When the young girl saw the stranger, she said, "Narakkaka." The lane was not floating to the one who was coming. He was looking for a bed in this no-air day-time. The old woman again shouted, "No nerd?
The man stood in front of somebody, "I am Narayan Another name of Vishnu is Narayan. The tone of the voice of the person's voice, irritated.
'Oma you !! Wait a little while. "The old woman shuddered from the rock. Then he proceeded with the word and convinced him to be the master. The man stood in the middle of his hands in the grip of the blessing Then the dirt cloth and the pitch took a beard and went inside.
The old woman said to herself, "Sun is not raining, is it?" The young man's forehead was folded. "It's a pity that you have drunk the drunk?" Come out all night, the girl does not let the wife eat. And what you did to him; Seeing it burns. "
"What can I do with alcohol and rodeo house? His body has blood of Bamun so I did. The bicycle is not playing bicycle?
Jubal's finger stopped. A portion of the Godpukur lane is seen from here where a bicycle has arrived. Strip the news paper in front and behind the bicycle. A young man walking down the bicycle and walking a few feet left behind the eyes of the young man. Early in the tap water, the young girl stood in the mouth of the neck in the neck. Khono did not open the shop of Godpukur Lane. The soft shade is spreading in the street. Buses can also go along with both Godpukur Lane. The young girl knows that Nimur's tea shop is on the left side of the shop. The young man was there. Nimur tea shop opened a few hours ago. It is time to talk about politics while sitting inside some sleeping-old shops. Nemu is going to tea continuously by pouring boiling water drum. In this one hour, Nimru Khad, the right-wing, They talk to the elders and look at them. Only young people get pampering in young pimples. The young man comes in front of the grocery store with a lump of tea, then sip it comfortably.
Where the young girl stands, there is no excuse for tea shops. There are not many people in the street this morning. The young girl said in a sweet voice, "Is it late today?
The young man said, "The delay was van, the load shedding was in the paper office." The young woman asked, "How is the cough?" The young man asked to squeeze, "Do not die."

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