Part three of "It was raining somewhere near night yesterday"

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I am reading this novel that i am sharing now...

'Oma, I'm telling you or not. Do not ask him where he is stupid. "The old man in the blind looked around looking for the young woman. The mother of the young man stood up straight, 'Hey, hereby income!', The youth's forehead folded. The people who stood up to score goals began to sing. Everyone's eyes are toward the young man. The girl did not understand what to do. The statue of her mother kept her tight. But she ran away before she ran. The lean body fell unconscious on the girl.
She pulled her hair and pulled her in front of the mother and took her to the house. One of the brothers lying on the ground and suddenly saw a sister sitting on her stomach. Mother's throat is getting tired, "Tell me, tell the truth, do you want to meet your betrothed jazz? Behind? Do not rope your rope! The man is taking blood in his throat and you're furious.
Do you know how big a daughter's daughter? The paper said that it was empty. But I did not believe. What did you take in my stomach? Tell me the truth. '
The young girl was beating silently. Jubilee's mother started to cry on the ground after the excitement began to weep, and there was a statue standing on the door, "No, but you do not have her." The young girl was not crying. The stones were standing beside the door. Mukhada old woman again said, 'do not warm the head Buma.'
Mubarak's mother said, "No, I will give ice on my head" Mokshada said, "The boy is not bad. I fed tea. "Immediately jumped the mother of the girl, 'went out, walked away from the front. Nola can not eat too much! It has come to be intimidating. Go out • From the front
The old lady said, 'Oma, I've talked about the good things, turning up the eyes, flipping. This is your father's place to go out? Ghatkigiri, I have done a lot of trouble. The girl's body is heavy, she will not drink. The moment is empty, who will come to marry your daughter. "The old woman moved away from the door saying the words. Thar threw threshing mother's mother His eyes were rolling away from the eyes. A thin voice sitting on the ground shouted, "Sister mother is falling."
The young girl immediately caught up with her and hugged her mother. In her chest, the mother's small body was trembling with the thresher. The young girl cried, "Mother, mama!
Juboti's mother saw the girl with a little eye. The young girl has kept her in the twin hands. Suddenly the mother cried in the face of the mother and cried. But then the young woman felt. Mother's body is going to relax Screamed out of fear. She Then, lying on the ground, came out on a run. The crowd that was born a little earlier is now melting. When he did not know what to do, he hit the front door.
The clothes were turned off. A typical odor is in the closed house. The wall of the wall is now in its mirror with its pedestal. Sithita is a little thin and slightly thin. Chattat Kapala also continued to be big. There is only one door on the door, at the balcony. Madabilata saw the door bent groin. Then put his eyes on the house. But with the words, the voice of the throat, "And Budi, Budi."