This is the part two of "It was raining somewhere near night yesterday"

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I am starting writing the novel after my last post..

"What is the name, Mithun?"
'Away Do not bother them. Come on. "
"Is there a cracking book there?"
"Tamil Pictures. Heavy sexy. I'll cut the ticket. Trim. "
When the young girl was going to say something, touching the tamarind opened, it looked surprised and saw the old woman standing behind. How do you feel like a dry mouth on your cheek, stirring the tongue in the mouth, "Do not want to eat a little tea, do not tell him!"
The young girl was very upset. But the old woman does not leave her hand. He said, "Nimour shop.
'Who will eat? The young man wondered, he could not see the old lady.
Taking a cup of tea in the cup of Nimu after the young lip turned negative, and after bringing lipstick tea, Moksha brought out a tin glass from the floor of the old woman. The old man said to the young man pouring tea in it, "Stay alive, father, quick marriage."
The young girl shook, "OK, now get out."
Moksha Budi did not stand anymore. The tea glasses went through a narrow lane with a broken bronze in front of the door. The young man handled a cigarette and said, "Do you know when someone is following after coming in the afternoon!"
The young girl made the earthquilt, "Who Will follow

"You know.
"Zain! Do not you accept it? '
'I know the girls of number three.'
"Know the ash."
'Yeah, listen. Do not you have a master? "
'She (CAN?
"Take them to school. Career service. Will ask? I am PU side. 'The young man says it and does not stand. Tucked up the tea stairs and walked around the pedal and said, "Your father is coming!
Turning around the neck, the young girl saw that the person in the lane was seen in the eyes of her eyes. Fifty-year-old, driver of the state bus. At least ten times to go out of this lane, look at the sky and salute it in your heart. The young woman again turned around the neck and saw the siege of the distance and kneeled inside.
Before coming face to face, the father said, "What are you doing here?
"without cause".
"What does that mean? What is needed on the road this morning? I'm dead, do not you? That hawker came? "
"(Upgradation of elevation?" And speak in the mouth, which is within, which can not wake me up in the seventh of the month, can not call me. "The father did not stand up.
The young girl looked at the body lying on the lip and said, "Sala!" At that time, Pabitrahi screams of Mokshada's daughter started spreading in the corridor. The young girl saw her bursting her forehead and stood in front of her youngest brother Nara. When he saw Cheerio, he ran, "Dad has gone?" The young girl ran out of the neck and turned outwards.
The old woman still crying in front of the cries. Girls from different houses got a little out of the way. The old woman shook her head in front of the dump and said, "Ola lata haik, please be kind to the mother throws. I thought I would eat a little tea in the morning, throw it out! You judge, what will happen to me? "
When a couple is commenting on the disobedience of the ten-year Nada, the mother's mother left the house and left. It is understood from the bed, that the name of sudra came running, "What happened?"
"My son threw my tea?" The old lady got up. "Tea! Where are you? Who bought? '"Your daughter's allowance. That bicycle comes in '. Juboti felt that his breath would stop. The buzzing crowd was booming. Juboti's mother saw the girl in a fire. Then shouted, "Talk to the face, my daughter {@ Bhanam respectively!"

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