Story Astonishment Maniratna (2)

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Astonishment Maniratna (2)

Amazement Manarena-the last scene saw the old lady crying. He gave the old lady a rest room in her royal residence. The old lady attempted to accomplish her motivation in her delicate voice and realized that the child of Nishedeep Ratna Now simply sit tight for the chance. By what means can a gem be stolen from the base of the tongue even with the kid, he began thinking about the old lady.

At some point, the old lady brought forth dozing drug. At the point when the kid wound up oblivious, he stole the old diamond and held it under the tongue and stated: 'O Nishidip gem! Place Khan in this castle and sit on this ground on the ground. It's been in a nimase. At the point when the kid woke up, he saw that there was no pearl under his tongue. The poor began crying, she started to grin.

The feline, the canines and the rats assembled around him when he heard his cry. They all console the kid. Be that as it may, no encouragement was finished. They all chose that despite the fact that they were under hard shake, they would discover the nishadip and take it back to their child. The three creatures left the castle's royal residence with this pledge. They went straight to Khan's royal residence and went straight to Khan's castle. Passage like passage under the dividers of the royal residence complex makes rats. Felines and rats entered the royal residence with the passage. The puppies remained outside and protected. The feline and the mouse achieved the young lady's room. The old lady dozed under the entryway of the little girl of the mystical performer's girl.

The jewel was under the thorn of that old lady. The feline and the mouse considered how the jewel can be found from inside the mouth of the female. State of mind of the rodent isn't terrible. He requested that the feline accomplish something and requested to be prepared. The feline put his tail in the nose of the performer's dad. To wheeze the old lady in her mouth, she dropped out of her mouth and out of her mouth. In the meantime, the feline took the feline in the face. The old lady awakens and gets the feline and gets the mouse together. They flee from where they originated from. The feline left the divider and gave the canine to the ratna. The puppy was similarly as previously, embeddings a pearl inside his mouth and going out.

The mutts, the felines and the rats went to their lord's home. In the interim, a considerable measure of yelling from Khan's royal residence: Hold on! Catch! The cheat is fleeing! The sound of sounding all around from the four sides. Khan's armed force turned out They were evacuated to get criminals. However, they couldn't discover nishidip gem. Indeed, even the jinn couldn't tell who did this work.

In the interim, the feline and the rats hurried back to the banks of the waterway. While crossing the waterway, the pooch found in his stream water and believed that another canine came to grab nishidip gem. Subsequent to seeing the reflected puppy, he stifled his teeth and pursued the diamond and went down into the water and suffocated in the relentless chasm.

It was unrealistic for anybody to go to Gahin. Presently what will be with the ace! Supposing they were not going to think they were. They sat with expectations of finding an exit plan. There were many fish seekers in the stream. They angle Fish seekers found the three animals in a situation. One day the anglers were stunned to see the grave circumstance of those creatures. Anglers tossed his net in the stream and in the wake of angling the fish gave them a fish. The creatures began to eat the fish, regardless of the three despondency. All of a sudden the feline cried: got it! Got it !! By chance, the stuffed pearl was in the fish's stomach.

They took awesome care of Nishidip Ratna, and they cleared out with the end goal of their lord. When they achieved the royal residence they gave over the lost jewels to the ace. The kid did not envision that the jewels would get back once more. Offering gratitude to them, he dealt with the feline and the mouse and embraced him. The three animals once stated: 'What you have improved the situation us is undeniably important'. The kid held the pearl under the tongue and said to his mom: We are restoring our castle to the old state!

Mother stated: What is the advantage of this royal residence!

The child once pondered the mother's words, the issue was about. Suspecting that mother said properly. So he chose that the royal residence would crumple on the shred and he did. Their castle fallen in the Israeli bombs, similar to a battalion wrecked. Khan and her little girl were covered under the rubble. At that point the kid conveyed a young lady from Mali to her home in the house. The kid worked out throughout the day and earned wage. To live joyfully with the kid and mother, live calmly