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The delightful excellent girl of Twilight has turned dark and she doesn't have long hair. All things considered, Narni was putting on a show to be the neighbor's house keeper Nargis, who slaughtered her little girl. An orange tree has been conceived fro* itemm the girl's blood. The shahajada couldn't get it. The dark house keeper said that her shading was dark in the sun and long hair was exploded in the tempest. The Prince presently remains in illustrious dress.

The orange tree conceived from the little girl's blood planted it in the castle cultivate. What might the Prince of the princess dress provide for this lady now? He was irate in his brain. After such a great amount of hardship by taking a chance with the life of a surprising activity and going to timberland, this dark excellence ...! This was his destiny! Guardians disallowed her to do as such, what will she say to her now! She will laugh at him. The saint of the Narni little girl will now turn into a scourge of derision. In any case, there is a fine expectation in the mind that if there is a shade in daylight for quite a while, perhaps when it will be, it will come back to the idea of the Nari young lady. In the royal residence in the royal residence did not see the way.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, the orange tree of Narangi's girl has turned out to be enormous in the orange tree. At the point when a little breeze came, his tone turned out to be uproarious. Krishna cleaning specialist felt that this tree again appeared as a little girl to take away its right! Pondering this, Krishnasidee took a gander at Shahjadar and stated: Tell an undertaker! I need to make a bed. The Shahjada couldn't comprehend that there is no insidiousness on the head of Krishnadasi. He revealed to Mistry well and needed to perceive what Krishnasadi requesting that he do.

The cleaning specialist said to the courtesan: The orange tree that is adjacent to the entryway of the Shahjada room, for building a little tree in the tree. The Mistri tree took away the foundation of his shop. In any case, at whatever point there is a slip, at that point there was a crying from the tree. The mistry was gone. In the meantime Shahjada reviled the inconveniences of the Narni girl, the old woman came and took a shriek of orange tree and made a bowl with it. The reason for existing is to utilize this large scale when its marku ends up ineffectual. By making Makuata, the old lady kept one of her in the house.

Following a couple of days it was cut. Arimajhe old lady went to the market to get some pusuma string. From that morning until the twelve the Buri was in the market. At that point when he returned home, his eyes moved toward becoming chaunabara. Arranged by clean houses left in rearrange. The greater part of the houses, dishwasher taktak The house has been knock with vacuum more clean. The sand isn't looking in any way. Wash and wash the floor of the room and gallery with water. What an odd issue! The old lady has turned into a stone statue gnawing. Thinking who came in his room and enriched his home with somebody who is so lovely. Who has fallen in his home? Considering nothing, I couldn't envision anything.

After two days, the old lady was again in the market. A similar condition by and by returned from the market. Sunsan of the house is perfect. Be that as it may, who comes in his home? Who leaves everything clean? The old lady does not hold anything. Try not to feel that a paritri comes in its nonappearance and does not work once more? The old lady chooses that despite the fact that the mystery of this riddle is to be revealed. Following a couple of days passed. Multi day, the old lady got her shawl and head's cap keeping in mind the end goal to escape the house. The house's doorstep has been squeezed. The reason for existing is to comprehend that somebody who has gone to the entryway of the house so anybody around them can get it. In the wake of leaving the entryway, the old woman went out.

The lady who deceived the old lady took cover behind a tree and needed to see who came in her home. What's more, who is so delightful, his home is spotless and clean. Subsequent to holing up behind the eyes and ears, the old lady heard the opening entryway of her room. The old lady ended up inquisitive. Painstakingly squeezed the foot and squeezed the way to the entryway. All of a sudden, the entryway was opened in the entryway, inside the house. The old woman was stunned to go inside the house. How wonderful individuals can be? Indeed, even delightful pictures of wonderful individuals can be set up in the creative ability, the lovely young lady is cleaning the old lady's room. The magnificence of the delightful little girl is turning out from the sun. Can be so excellent man! The expressions of the old lady were not turning out. Simply taking a gander at the young lady's stunning magnificence. Then the old woman was stunned. Then again, the young lady ended up perplexed by her seniority. Nobody could comprehend what to state or what to do.

At the point when the old lady saw this brutal circumstance, she went ahead and asked, "Mother, who is your mom!" Why are you cleaning my home?

The young lady opened every one of the occasions of her life to the old woman. Where did he originate from, why, and so on. After the finish of the marriage of Narni's girl, the string of the string kept on the racks burst. The old lady said that she loved Narni's little girl. She needs to make her little girl, and she will take care of the considerable number of issues of the young lady as fast as would be prudent.

From that day on, the old lady was reestablished to life on this planet. The old lady does not have any desire to go out at this point. Throughout the day, the young lady is beside me. Indeed, even during the evening, magma wins, and sitting close to the young lady. This story recounts the story to invest energy.

Meanwhile, Shahjada and Krsna's house keeper were stuck in a clock-like clock. Bhaobara in the prospect of the little girl of Shahjada Nargiji. Contemplating how to get him back, he spent the night considering the way. He doesn't go anyplace, he lives in the royal residence. Accordingly, sitting in the royal residence was not investing energy sitting in the house. Shahjadar. To himself, to the world, a sentimentality struck a chord. He got irritated. Her folks could get it