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The last scene Shahjada Narni's little girl was in lose hope. His brain was not at all. The lord and his significant other couldn't comprehend what to do or not. They chose to call Hakim for the treatment of his child and did as such. Hekim saw Shahjada and went to the lord and stated: A chain of straightforward glass must be made for Shahjad's treatment and the chain will be put on the shahjadar's neck. In the event that you put zipper on your neck, at that point all his misery will be cut, the shaheeda will progress toward becoming renewed. The ruler summoned every one of the clergymen including his neighbors. In conference with everybody, he chose to make a drum in the city and make an alan, so the specialists went to the royal residence and reached him.

On the requests of the ruler, the elated party floated into the lanes of the city and pronounced in the roads: "Influence a straightforward chain of glass that he to can make a tie and convey it to the royal residence and spare Shahjada from the passing." Narni's little girl and old lady heard this declaration. Narni's girl taken a gander at the old woman and stated: 'You disclose to me that I know how to make it. Be that as it may, condition is to give me a peaceful place and an unadulterated mirror.

The old lady went to the royal residence and said as much. There was an unfilled room beside the Shahjadar room. A genuine mirror was conveyed and given to the old woman. The old lady took the mirror and the babysitter young lady to the open yard.

Then again, Shahjada was educated that Hakim said that he was dealt with as a chain of glass chains. Presently the chain will be worked in the yard. The shahajada abandoned everything in the wake of hearing this and kept running on the top of the royal residence. For one who needs to cover up toward the edges of the rooftop, what is the old lady? Not long after the old lady went to the yard in the yard. She could perceive the old lady. The young lady appeared to perceive her also. The young lady started to depict the occasions of the past before her before the mirror. The Prince heard the episode with consideration. As of now tuning in to seeing the young lady said Shahjadarera biography. How are you nyangi

The Prince gave complete consideration to the expressions of the young lady leaving everything. Discussing the young lady, she once said that Krishnasidea got up on the tree and cut her head and tossed it into the stream. He said that the green orange tree from the blood tumbling from his cut head was conceived. Subsequent to knowing all things, the finesse metal forger said that she was a young lady of Narni. At the point when the Prince acquired the orange tree his royal residence, Krishnasadi saw his quick development and requested him to chop down the tree and make the bed for him. In the wake of taking the tree furniture shop, the old lady removes a portion of the tree to her home and from that part, she is renewed.

At the point when the Prince heard the entire story of the young lady, he would now take him to the royal residence, he wound up stressed over the idea. He couldn't bear the deferral. One of the hirelings descended rapidly from the rooftop and advised a slave to bring his dad's mom early. The lord accompanied his significant other. They were shocked to see that young lady, so delightful young lady they have never observed. Shahjada opened his folks and said everything. At the point when Narangi's little girl and her appearance achieved the castle, every one of the ladies of Hemam turned out and were stunned to see that Narni's little girl. Can be so excellent man! So wonderful! Nobody can see who sees him.

In the interim, the lord saw his child Shahjada exceptionally upbeat. All his bitterness has been cut and he ought to be cheerful to see himself. The lord and his better half were extremely upbeat to see the delight of their child. Alongside the request, every one of the urban communities were finished with light. The surges of satisfaction everywhere throughout the city were overflowed. Twinkling a bright shading enlightenment in the psyche of the general population. Around all, lone bliss and satisfaction Due to the seven-day festivity of seven-day celebration The festival of the celebration expanded a couple of times, when the marriage of Shahjadah was organized with Narni girl on the seventh day. Shahjada did another work in the wedding celebration and euphoria loaded with happiness.

Prior to all things, Shahjada called Krishnadasi. He said to him: "Fast quick steeds or sharp sword". Krishnadasi stated: "For the adversary of my life, I need a quick steed, sharp sword." The shahjada requested: Immediately bring an expedient pony that is in charge of controlling! The request of Shahjad accompanied a speeding horse. The pony's tail was tied with dark hair. At that point the pony is surrendered in a marriage or a betrayed desert garden.

Then again, the old lady took her to the royal residence with awesome regard and pride. Each lady in the royal residence respected the white man with full appreciation. Also, the little girl of the Prince and Narsinga began their joy and calmly wedded life.