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There are some youngsters in any area, youngsters. What is the whereabouts of the entire mahalla, where and who came to know all the news about him. They are regarded by the general population of the mahalla. Salam from the head let down from the separation. They likewise regard such regard and they additionally expect their kids from If a young man of the mohalla completes an awful activity, they deal with them. One such young fellow left the house early in the day and spent the night there and returned home during the evening. His name was green. Toward the evening, almost no nourishment was eaten at home, he used to eat outside, at companions or anyplace else. When you return home, your mom blows ... attempting to run the show. For what reason would you say you are so apprehensive of the mohalla, for what reason did you murder me? Regardless of whether you have turned into an ace or you are the Chairman of this golha .... You can not live in this manor in your fire. ... and so on .. this is genuine ... at the point when the mother whispered green, green can not answer .. Her manager takes it. He was from home because of this inconvenience. In addition, he himself administers the general population ... so no one enjoys him in the event that he doesn't care for ...

What daily is ...! Mother enlightened all concerning the child to her dad. Father felt somewhat humiliated to hear me. All of a sudden, Baba wound up stressed when he heard such a flip-flounder. Father is an exceptionally chilly man. He doesn't warm his head, or gets red in outrage. Or maybe, consider how to take care of the issue. For quite a while, he astutely called the green.

Green came to father. The head remained down like a criminal.

Baba asked Sabuj: There are numerous individuals in the Mahalla's case about you ... you carry on extremely discourteous with everybody ...

Kid, father .. I don't do anyone with terrible conduct ...

Father truly says however ...

Child: Father, I won't mislead you ...

Father: for what reason don't you revolt ...

Indeed, yes guardians reproached ...

For what reason did you give father

Father! What's more, he didn't place soil in the dusty container on a heap of earth, regularly said to him like this .. So on the off chance that he does this, at that point he should clean all the soil in those paths for an entire week.

Father is alright ... in any case, it can be said flawlessly. What's more, the end result for Roni's dad .. Along these lines, the general population of the mankind ... for what reason should you grumble about them.

Father! I don't have anything to do with Roni's dad ... Roni Mostak ... some cash was discharged.

Who is Dad ...?

Child: The road shop proprietor ...

Father, approve ..

Child: Dokhandar couldn't pay all the cash, said that the individuals who ate at their stores would get their pay in the wake of paying whatever is left of the month and pay their cash to him. Roni himself had laid a great deal of cash in the shop of Mustak, loads of ... From him ...

Father, what occurred in it ..

I don't know .. he is currently saying that he needs to pay interest..Mosta is the child of our mohalla. We as a whole yell in his shop..when whose oil-salt-flour-flour is required .. There is a great deal of cash ... So Ronnie is requesting enthusiasm from him.

Father: It's your issue .. For what reason did Roni's dad grumble ...

Green: Dad, look! While discussing the Mustak with Rony, his dad was asking from the mosque and he was coming before the shop. He tuned in to every one of the things and said the appropriate response. Be that as it may, I didn't let out the slightest peep to Roni. When I told Roni if ​​you were of intrigue ..Then you will be boycotted in this house .. He let me know ..

What fathered say:

He stated, 'You can nose in the middle. Beam ... We should comprehend Ronnie's case. It's wrong to be so.' ... All things considered, Dad, you say ... I have accomplished something incorrectly ...!

Father did not reply. For some time, quietly opened the mouth.

'Be that as it may, Dad ... I have completed a work on the head of outrage ...'

What did you do Dad?

Green: They don't have dividers of their home. I have put a paper on this divider,

Father what you composed on paper ...

Green: I composed

Rudy, Rokeya, the hairy dad

Try not to squander cash by eating great nourishment

Father, you put the paper.

Green: No, Dad! I've told my companion Revolution ... as well.

Father thought without supposing anything: Green appears have done nothing terrible ... be that as it may, its conduct isn't in the same class as it did in the manner in which it was done ... He said discreetly: Is it right?

Green: Dad, I comprehend ... in any case, for what reason don't you know how to control mind-set ... the head gets hot.

Approve. 'Father said to Sabuj to go to bed..and he considered how to do the khansh ... The following day, he returned home and gave a mallet to the green hands, and nailed something. He said with them: Whenever your state of mind deteriorates, you can nail one with a mallet on the divider.

On the primary day of the green, on the solid mass of the green, a few nails beat them with a mallet. Father's request, it will execute ...

Green nail He used to compute what was the anguish and personality of his entire day ... In the following days, he likewise attempted to decrease the level of his outrage ... that implies diminishing the quantity of nails in the divider.

In this way, on consistently, on green dividers nail nails, nails in the disposition, and nails utilizing awful conduct began considering his conduct. The quantity of nails diminished each day.

Multi day, the green took a gander at the nail of the divider. She was upbeat to see the quantity of nails gradually diminishing. Green understood that his conduct step by step spreads


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