Story of Ponder Manirton (1)

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Ponder Manirton (1)

Shock Maniratna-1 Previously the story In one town a mother lived with her child. The kid did not work any longer. Their lives proceeded through whatever mother used to. No salary of the child was earned. One day the mother said to the kid: Dad! Take this cash. Go to the market to get some bread.

To sell the cash like the mother's dedicated kid, the kid will take the cash. Subsequent to seeing some way, a gathering of devious young men was evil. Seeing an injured bungalow with a rope, the mischievous are playing, making fun, pulling it aside, then again, and the feline executes the sound of mu mew.

The kid's heart weeped for the feline. He went to the wicked young men and stated: Children! For what reason do you hurt the feline? Abandon him

The wicked stated: will we discharge? In the event that you have so much Maya, at that point purchase and leave!

The kid stated: Will you offer the feline? What amount is her cost

The mischievous stated: Yes, I will offer. The cost isn't excessively, modest. Not as much as a large portion of the cost of bread.

The kid stated: this is no cash.

With all the cash given to the mother, she purchased the feline and got it. At that point feel that the cash is the end, there is no benefit in the market. There is no cash to purchase bread. So he returned home.

The mother requested that the kid return home with practically nothing and asked: What is the issue! Where is the bread! For what reason are you back with hardly a penny ...?

The kid opened his entire story to his mom and said. Mother stayed silent for some time subsequent to tuning in to her child. The kid said delicately: Mother! On the off chance that you don't eat a dinner, what will it be! In any case, the life of a blameless animal has spared us for this inconvenience, would it say it isn't?

Mother did not say anything. The following day again the kid gave the cash and stated: 'Go straight to the market and purchase the meat from the Butcher Shop and return home'. The kid escaped his hands and took out the cash.

I was informed that the kid was still out of the cash with his mom to the market for the reason. In any case, while in transit to meet with the underhanded young men They were playing with a puppy today. What is the diversion! Kicking canine was kidding and clowning. The kid looked extremely dismal at seeing the pooch. He asked the wicked young men: Will you offer the pooch? The devious answered: Yes! I will offer, at low costs.

####/The kid stated: OK! Let me know! What amount would they offer?

Mischievous young men stated: The least expensive is I will offer a large portion of the cost of bread.

The kid gave the mother's full cash to the mischievous Then purchased the puppy and returned home. In the wake of going out, mother began crying boisterously at her. Stated: I can not live with you. Do I have the fortunes that I would love to purchase a bitch!

In the wake of hearing the mother's mom, she understood that the mother was furious. In any case, she disclosed to her mom, mother! On the off chance that we don't eat meat at one time and this will happen! Be that as it may, we could spare the lives of a creature, would it say it isn't? Mother did not answer any more.

The following day the mother offered cash to the child. Presently say farewell to purchase oil in the market. The kid began taking cash from his mom and went while in transit to the market. Indeed, even today, he sees the wicked young men in the way. Today they were playing with a mouse. Instead of attempting to consume the back end to the fire and endeavoring to consume it. Her heart sobbed for a rodent. Regardless he purchased the rodent from the underhanded young men and returned home. Mother today imagined not to see the rodent in the hands of child.

After quite a while it was cut. The kid goes to the waterway relatively consistently. Slaughter the fish. The fish are cleaned and the relinquished parts are set before the pooch and the feline and the rest takes away the home. One day the kid was in the house. His puppy found a stone in the mouth of a fish. The stone was sparkling like the sun. The puppy took the stone to the proprietor. The ace said that the kid was stunned to see the sparkling stone. To make fun, he put the stone under his tongue and stated, "O Gem! I'm ravenous. Take a fun dinner and convey it to the table. Shockingly it occurred in the twinkling of an eye. The kid came up short on his mouth to test the nourishment. She is amusing to be the dad! Called the administration to eat those fun nourishments.

At that point one day the kid was leaving the house to the desert. While in transit to see Khan's delightful young lady. He got great After returning home, she requesting that her take a proposition to be engaged. The mother made a decent attempt to make tracks in an opposite direction from this proposition, the kid did not concur. Mother sent home to mine. Khan said to the lady: What do you need!

The lady stated: I accompanied the proposition of wedding my girl to my child.

Khan stated: I concur on one condition. Forty-four camel packs must be given over to the gold mohairana.

The lady recounted the tale of Khan's child. The kid stated: Mother don't stress.

The following morning, subsequent to encouraging the requirements of the child, he sent the loaded weight of forty camels to the gold. Khan took a gander at the lady and stated: Now you need to make a castle with gold. I have my little girl in the castle.

The lady again advised Khan to tell the kid. Child still says: Do not stress, mother!

The following morning, the kid made a royal residence with gold on the bank of the stream. In the wake of telling Khan, he was astounded to see the castle. Khan did not have the opportunity to concoct any rationalization to see the royal residence. Khan constrained his girl to wed his child.

Yet, Khan's little girl felt humiliated to live with a town kid. She disclosed to her dad to accomplish something that she could originate from the fraternity of that child. Khan advised an elderly lady to discharge him from this circumstance. The old lady told the mystical performer Khan that she should accomplish something. The old lady had heard that the kid is poor consistently