Story of The account of double-crossing of the siblings of Jupiter (5)

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(Fifth scene) Abdus Samad found out about the betting and stated: The concealed treasury entryway will fall before the seventh entryway. The entryway will open before you. You will see a screen dangling from the roof to the ground. Evacuate the screen. Subsequent to shutting the screen, you can see the treasury-house Shamardala's Ark put on a checkpoint. Shamardal will see a ball sparkling like glob. An enchantment sword is tied amidst the globe. Maniratna has a ring on the handle of that sword. There is a chain. Sharmanadani is tied in the chain You will turn out with these four things. I'll be holding up outside.

Gudi stood up and stated, "God is sure. I have run ' Abdus Samad began consuming incense in the fire. The eyes of the jugar fell on Nahor. Obviously, there is no stream of water, it has gone away. An extensive brilliant entryway in dry nose. Jua went towards the entryway. The brilliant rings of the entryway were tossed three times. Somebody from the side of the entryway shouted: Who is halting?

Jujara stated: I am a fish seeker, betting.

The entryway opened. At that point Abdus Samad did precisely what he had instructed him to do. So one by one opened the entryway. The six enchanted magazines were demolished. At that point went to the seventh entryway. Obviously, the entryway was fixed. At that point came the fascinating episode.

The entryway was opened right. Be that as it may, Juan saw seeing his mom's looks. The mother needed to get hitched, she needed to kiss the juga, and kissed. For a minute the gourd's heart turned out to be delicate. Instantly he recalled Abdus Samad's words. He shouted: Move away, escape your veil.

Mother stated: What are you discussing father! You overlooked me! I am your mom

Guba rapidly took the sword on the divider. I went ahead with my sword and stated: You are not my mom! You rapidly expel your veil. I'm going to hurt you with this sword.

Mother cried Said: I have brought forth you, have sustained drain, brought up from adolescence and raised it. How hard did I And now you need to give me his reward, would you like to execute me? JUDA's mom's crying voice cried a tad in the wake of tuning in. In his psyche, there was a great deal of regard for his mom. Dropped the sword to the ground and stated: 'Mother! Pardon me My 'me' ...

The mother's face changed without the finish of the outfit. A lady, as horrible as observing, cried an old magician, yelling, "Juan fouled up." Guba committed errors. Slaughter him, hit him well.

Without saying this to the old lady, numerous gatekeepers of revolting faces came to slaughter the gourds. Tossing out tossed out of treasury. The treasury store shut. The waters of the wellspring began streaming like previously. In the wake of coming back to the information, Juba discovered Abdus Samad close to his head. At the crying of the juga, all said what happened. Abdus Samad moan and stated: what number circumstances have I let you know and not your mom, you won't be caught in her duping. In the event that his enchantment was to be incapacitated, at that point he could achieve the fortune. There is nothing to do now. How about we return You need to hold up multi year. The following year, come precisely this day, at that point how about we see what should be possible. You remain with me till that day.

Juba and Abdus Samad came back to the city. At that point for multi year, he remained with Abdus Samad of Juba. Multi year later, the day returned again when they went to the shore of the stream. Presently Jua has gallantly opened six Darozai, no enchantment work was finished. All he has dropped As soon as he achieved the seventh entryway, his mom came and opened the entryway as previously. Jua does not have any desire to be misled any longer. From the divider, the sword went ahead immovably to the supernatural mother. Zubair's mom begged him as much as previously, not to murder him. Be that as it may, he chose not to be betrayed any longer. At last, the supernatural lady transformed into her genuine face. His clumsy appearance turned out. All the intensity of his enchantment was lost when he fell on the ground.

The mysterious lady vanquished the gauda went to the genuine treasury of the fortune house. The entryway was opened effectively and he entered inside. The swords, rings, tunes, and the discussion of heading off to the entryway went out rapidly. Tablar's music begun all of a sudden. Tabla is playing around Is he horrendous The treasury store was playing the tabla. They were all praising Jua. All of a sudden everybody stated: O Juan! For you this fortune mubarakabad. The gourd turned out with the entryway. Abdus Samad kept running towards him. Gusara got in the chest and kissed.

The four things that Zuma conveyed from the mystery treasure house to Abdus Samad, at that point them two remaining the town. Took out the bloatedness of the path by eating sustenance at home. Abdus Samad said to Zuar: 'You have completed a great deal of inconvenience for me! Presently reveal to me what you need to remunerate me!

Zuja stated: I don't need something besides Allah alone. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to give it, at that point you can give me your enchantment garbage!

Abdus Samad stated: Ah! On the off chance that you need something more important to me! This quality is only for nourishment. Good, I'll give you another gold jewelery with that quality.

By this he called a slave and stated: Give a gem gourd to gold jewelery! He will be taken back to the donkey with his donkey riding on the back of the house. At that point Abdus Samad showed Juror the mystery of gathering sustenance from the jin. Golam jumarake brought him home. On his way home, he saw his mom imageSource