The account of disloyalty of the siblings of Jupiter (4)

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(Fourth scene) The mouth of the shamadal store will open just by the gourd. It isn't workable for anybody to open the store without him. That is the reason, Abdus Samad Zuar has taken him alongside a thousand gold coins of his family to the town of Shamardal. Gauda ended up tired of going Abdus Samad stated: What wasn't right! In the event that you used to take some nourishment! Abdus Samad halted the joke and stated: What would you like to eat? Chicken? Khasir kebab? Sweet polao? Jujara stated: If the nourishment things that were accessible here! Since there is nothing to eat no less than a little bread cheddar.

Abdus Samad Hanse stated: 'The nourishment that I told all the sustenance I will exhibit'. By this, the hand of the donkey was embedded into the back of the back of the jin, and a world according to the gourmet drew out a considerable measure of sustenance from the jin out of the jinn. There are numerous twenty-four compartments loaded with nourishment. Diverse kinds of sustenance in every compartment. Supper sustenance filled. Jujara was stunned. His mouth was not standing up. Inevitably, he stated: Is there a kitchen room or cook in the jin that you brought such a great amount of nourishment out?

Abdus Samad stated: This classification is an enchantment quality.

Juba started to eat without saying whatever else. Them two are loaded with stomach nourishment. The janera from the water out of a pot and two wozju with the water, at that point the petition began once more.

Abdus Samad asked Zuar: You can state how far we've come.

Jujara stated: we are most of the way in the street ....

Abdus Samad Hanse stated: We have achieved multi month-long street.

Zoo took a gander at Abdus Samad. imageSource

Abdus Samad stated: No big surprise. My mum can run multi year like multi year. But since of me, I'm driving him gradually with the goal that you don't get frightened.

They are continuing for four days. On the fifth day, they achieved their goal. Towards the passage of the city, forward. Before a vast room, the donkey ceased.

Abdus Samad descended from the back of the vehicle and thumped on the entryway of the room. A young lady opened the entryway of the house. Abdus Samad ridiculed the trough from the back of the donkey and said to the donkey: 'Leave'.

There was a break in the ground beneath the donkey's feet. The donkey went into the splits of the earth and the breaks ceased and it was the same as previously. Abdus Samad and went into the place of Juan

The house is excellent and clean, similarly as large and lovely. The entire house is secured with exceptionally significant floor coverings. Abdus Samad called the young lady and stated: Take the sack!

The young lady came and got a sack. Abdus Samad opened the pack and took out a decent dress and said to wear it to the outfit. In the wake of wearing outfit apparel she resembled a shahjadar. Abdus Samad Jadumaya put his hands inside the jin and brought out different nourishment chess. Rest soundly by eating it. Abdus Samad gave another dress to Zuar the following day when he rested thusly, he began eating new garments and new nourishment consistently.

Twenty days passed. On the twenty-first day of the morning, Abdus Samad said to Zuar: Today is the normal day. Today we will go to open the ship and Shamadal's Ark.

Juba stood up and went out with Abdus Samad. Two donkeys were prepared outside. They ride on their backs and leave. Proceeding onward the donkey for a couple of hours At around twelve, they achieved a skimming water channel. They descended from the donkey's back. Abdus Samad made an insight about how he got his hands. At that point two slaves came. They went to the donkey and took a major tent and organized it with floor coverings. Enchantment garbage and two bits of fish kept inside.

To eat, Abdus Samad said that the two vessels of fish ought to be loaded with favors. All of a sudden, the pot broke in two blasts and two individuals left the broken pieces. Them two tied their hands. They argued asking: Abdus Samad let us go!

Abdus Samad stated: You won't be discharged, except if the words Shamardal will open the Ark.

Those two individuals stated: Bring fish seeker gourds to you! He can just open the ark.

Abdus Samad stated: Jua is here. He is watching you, hears your words.

Those two individuals heard that they would open the Ark and say they would open the Ark. Abdus Samad surrendered those two individuals.

At that point he brought a major stick and some red color stones to Zuarake: I will now ask this. I won't converse with anybody until the point when the petition is finished. Before you instruct me. Listen well and recall that we can achieve our objectives. When I implore, I will empty the incense into the fire, at that point the water of the stream will become scarce and you will see an extensive entryway made of gold. The two keys of Manimukta are the objective of this entryway. You will go to the entryway and shake it in three sticks, and say: I am a fish seeker! To state the entryway will be opened. imageSource

At that point a man with a sword turns out by the entryway. He will let you know: 'Whether you are a card shark, at that point don't stress! Your head will go into disrepair from neck! You won't fear that individual's risk. Head! He will take the sword yet before he gets hit on your neck he will tumble to the ground and bite the dust himself. Remember that in case you're behind your neck then you will kick the bucket. Presently enter the entryway with the entryway. How about we go somewhat forward. You can see another entryway. Tap on the entryway. The entryway will be opened. You will see a carrier in your grasp with a lance coming towards you. He will toss a lance at you. Try not to fear Open the book