The narrative of selling out of the siblings of Jupiter (6)

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(6th scene), because of the risk of the seventh entryway, the time of Zuja was held by Abdus Samad for that year one year from now. Following multi year, around the same time again similar standards went into the betting treasury store. The mystical performer's mom couldn't delude her at the seventh entryway in the wake of passing the six entryways. It was simply fruitful and returned with the four things required. Abdus Samad remunerated him. On returning home with the prize, Juan saw his mom asking in transit. Mother stated, the siblings took away all the gold coins from their mom. Júda's mom said serenely: Do not think mother! I'm back ' After returning home, she pressed a dastrakhana, in which she had an assortment of tasty sustenance.

Judea told the riddles of the secretive qualities and let them know not to tell anybody. Then, the siblings of Jujara took away the cash from the mother and took away the gold coins and came back to the previous state. In any case, where can go! Coming back to the place of gourds again With his standard liberality, Juba's absolution was acknowledged by the sibling and he acknowledged them with appreciation. Jujara sorted out fun sustenance things consistently and everybody used to eat them, which would have abandoned them among poor people.

One night the betting nodded off. On that event, his siblings got some information about the mystery of the nourishment. Mother! Couldn't stow away in any capacity. All the young men said to the young men. In any case, they cautioned that they would not enlighten anybody concerning it. Be that as it may, Salim and Salem again acted mischievously They could perceive how the enchantment jin can be dealt with. He went to a mariner and booed the vessel. The reason for existing is to take them with them as they rested.

At midnight, while dozing in a profound rest, Salim and Salem grabbed his face and hands and went to the place of a speculator with the mariner and his two companions. At that point he removed the jujara from the house. The mariner and his buddies took the jugar up and took the pontoon. Leave the vessel. Mariner started to fly for the ocean.

Early in the day, Salim and Salem went to my mom. They said to mother: Mother! Gueer has run with his visitor companions.

The mother's heart turned out to be overwhelming. He got stressed. He began crying as a result of the nonappearance of betting. Selim and Salem stated: You adore betting more than us! imageSource

Mother stated: You are my child. I cherish you as well. Be that as it may, after your dad kicked the bucket, you didn't get anything however abuse. At this moment, the finesse of betting was dependably on me. He never treated me seriously, he was thoughtful.

Selim and Salem wound up furious when they heard these words. They squabbled with the mother. Battling on the mother with a squabble. From that point forward, the combine of card sharks took two. A gin was loaded with gold adornments. They shared them. In any case, there was a squabble between the two alchemist Jinnah. In the squabble, they chose to separate the jints into two by partitioning it. Yet, the mother shouted out. He stated: The jackasses! These qualities can not be shared, the qualities won't work, they will lose the component. Keep the jintake to me! When you require sustenance to come to me, I'll get it.

In any case, who tunes in to whom! No one raised the mother's ears. Selim Saleem squabbled with the enchanted qualities till morning. In the end one of the fighters of the lord's royal residence was welcome to his neighbor's home. He found out about Salim Saleem's fight and magician's jinn. Early in the day, the warrior returned to court and told the occurrence. Shah rapidly sent the armed force to lead Selim Salem. Driving them to acknowledge the mockery of the saddest quality, they compelled to gripe. The lord inevitably took the alchemist from them and sent them two to imprison.

At that point multi year passed. Selim and Salem are working in jails and in the pontoon of Jude Multi day there was a tempest in the ocean. The pontoon sank in the ocean, in the ocean It is bewildering that every one of the travelers of the vessel kicked the bucket suffocating aside from jujuba. Jupiter swims up on the shore. At that point he began to walk gradually. Strolling on a stroll with a procession moved around. The convoy was going to Saudi Arabia. The pioneer of the troop was an agent however his heart was very liberal. Seeing the outfit he heard every one of the occasions. The specialist said to the master: You accompany me, work with me! Acknowledged the offer of the agent of Juba and began with the parade.

They once achieved Jeddah. In the end that time was the Hajj season The specialist chose to visit the place of Kaaba. He likewise took the juju with him to Mecca. Kaba Sharif was making the jaw, Suddenly his eyes fell on a known individual. He is none other than himself Abdus Samad. Ran the juju and saluted him. Abdus Samad was upbeat to see Jujara. Just kissed him and kissed him. At that point you asked: What are you doing here?

Every one of the occasions of the juga opened him and said. Abdus Samad tuned in to him and took him to his room. He nurtured her and stated, 'Garbage! I think your long periods of inconvenience are finished. Run with me after you complete the journey. '

With the takeoff of the representative from Zuma, Abdus Samad left.

Abdus Samad gave the ring of jewelery to the gem specialist from the fortune house and offered it to him and stated, 'At whatever point you require something, you should put your hand on this ring. Every one of you will be available in the meantime as a shop named Ragh or Bajrut. Disclose to him your request. Transport '. Addressing talk imageSource