Fairytale Story Part (2) Seven Simon's words

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Seven Simon's words bideshirussian-medium.jpgSource

Quite a while back, a ruler lived in a faraway nation. Elephants in his mallet, steeds were all in the pony. Sonarupo Thethi in Treasury The absence of just a single thing. There is no ruler in the royal residence. The lord's marriage was not by any means disapproved in the event that he couldn't get a decent girl. While sitting on these seats, the ruler is believing that while there is a remote explorer going out and about. The ruler's head was playing with knowledge. Outsiders move the world over. The news of the great princess can coordinate them, yet they can coordinate. Subsequently, Payaida accepted the call to Saudagor. He descended somewhat later and bowed down.

After a short time, even with the lord, he said to the mumble, "There is a princess, yet there is a princess." His shape! The sun sparkles in its dimness. Her name is Helena. There is an exceptionally far island named Bujana. "

"Where is that island? Let me know soon." The ruler said.

"So much fun! Where is the island that way and recollect the lord? In any case, truly, from that point he is 10 years' way to the island ocean. Also, she doesn't appear to have the capacity to wed her girl. "Saudagar said.

"What? So splashy talk I know I's identity? "The lord turned out to be extremely furious and said to the ruler. Saudagar snickers, "For what reason would you say you are furious? Consider it. Twenty years of going to the island. In the wake of leaving the young lady to take her for the lady of the hour, twenty years after the landing of the lady of the hour. In that day she will be old. You're excessively old. In what manner will you get hitched? "

The lord yelled, "He is correct. She is correct Thanks for the news. You can go now. " bideshirussian2-medium (1).jpgSource

Sodagor left. In the interim, the lord's head isn't right in the prospect of the lady of the hour. How would you feel that one day the lord turned out to revolt?

An awesome town left away to play in chasing and found a pleasant town. There are gold-like yields in the fields.

"Who are these individuals? Have a decent product? Who is such a decent rancher in my nation? Go and call them! "The ruler gave the request.

Quickly, the pike ranawara ran and took seven individuals to take a gander at a few.

They came and bowed down before the ruler.

"Have you collect this harvest?" The ruler inquired.

"Indeed, King," together, seven heads shook his head together.

"Your character?"

"We are seven siblings, seven seamons," they answered, "Our dad's mom has given every one of us a similar house, where we live respectively, one land, where we plant together and give one name, we are all Simone."

"What? What is he Do you have anything unique? "The ruler grinned and said.

"There is a lord in direction. We have seven distinct characteristics of our seven "They said.

"What is the quality?"

So what they said is this-

One sibling knows to fabricate the sky tower. Two numbers he can achieve the sky on the religious community. From that point, he could see the world-beast. The number three can fabricate ships that go for one year in seven days. Fourth sibling, if the ship is in peril, at that point it tends to be submerged under submergence. Programmed number 5 can be utilized for robotization. Nobody lives on the planet from his terminating. The number six, the casualty of the barrage, could get him before contacting the ground. Touching-Gloves.jpgSource

What's more, the most youthful, Simon, grinned and stated, "I can take extremely well. The best activity in the stronghold will be to take that one won't get it! "The ruler is furious and says," Who is this? Bring this bind. Also, tune in to whatever remains of the Simons. You likewise go to the capital. I'll test you. "

Moreover seven seamons went to the capital. Another Simon used to be a Simone Reel Jail. The considerable pinnacle constructed. Along these lines, by scaling the sky, another Simon told every one of the nations of the world that Raja was educated. He made three numbers in his unexpected ship. At the point when the ship ran like an inlet on the water, the number four jumped with the ocean underneath him. He went to the ruler to get up once more, a major truffle angle from the remote ocean. At the point when Raja was making nourishment by making Cooli Buka, the number five Simon accompanied a gun made with his gun and shot a falcon drifting in the sky and hurled it. Like a stone, the falcon came down to the ground, and when Simon made up for lost time with a dish like lightning, and got it on the slow down before tumbling to the ruler before falling on the bird.

"Be all over, Six simon," the ruler was happy to asked, "Go, get some rest now."

The following morning the gathering was sitting. At the point when the six seamons went to the ruler, the lord stated, "Gracious two men. Taking a gander at the pinnacle, take a gander at the coastline buzzan island or see? See whether Ruposhi princess is meandering around a powerless named Helena?

Two of the watchmen ran all of a sudden and mounted on the leader of the pinnacle. In the wake of descending a bit, he told the lord, "We have the ruler. Yet, the lord there observed that the shaft was hard. Simply going to state, my little girl Helena is the best lady on the planet. There is no husband in her lifetime. In the event that a lord's child comes to wed her, at that point I will battle him and complete him. "

"How is the ruler's armed force? Also, how far will the place be? "

"I figure it would be a 10-year street in the conventional ship by the request. What's more, the armed force of the ruler who saw it isn't under ten thousand. Substantially more will occur. "

Three individuals from the group of onlookers say, "Rajamashai, what is the way to go? On the off chance that I sit on my ship, I will achieve Burjana at ten o'clock. At that point the battle is finished. "

At that point the officer stood up and stated, "Make the ruler lord. Our kulle dalake armed force If you battle with one million, one won't survive. "

The ruler's mug all of a sudden woke up and stated, "Maharaja, what is the need of fighting?" Send seven numbers out of jail and send them there. He can take everything on the planet. The stole of the princess is his left hand play. At that point it was simply after the princess got away. Furthermore, it will take ten years for the nation to come to assault the nation. The ruler's girl likewise was old,


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