Fairytale Story Part (6) Chhotsonona Goldlix and the account of three bear

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Chhotsonona Goldlix and the account of three bear rosarioblog_1275047009_1-gl4.gifSource

Chhotsonona Goldlix and the account of three bear

Its quite a while. In one nation they had three bears. Better believe it, a major dad is a bear, a gooseberry bear, and a little youngster bear them. They lived in a wonderful hovel inside the wilderness.

One morning the mother bear made the dargah for their morning feast. In any case, the temperature was hot to the point that it was not being given to the mouth, so they concluded that they would turn out all things considered, at that point they would have the capacity to eat securely when it was cool.

Not long after they cleared out, a young lady named Goldilocks came there. Goldilocks was really making blossoms inside the timberland and wandering around, at exactly that point the place of the bear was in his eyes. He was amazed and said with an applaud, 'Stunning, what a lovely house!' But who is there? Inquisitively, he looked upstairs on the toes of the house and looked in the house. At that point thought, nobody is here at this point.

At that point he strolled into the house and strolled inside the house.

At first he saw three bowl pots on the nourishment table. A major bowl for a dad bear, a medium bowl for a mother bear and a little bowl for a little bear. Goldilocks saw that the decent scent was originating from the dishes.

Before long he got somewhat eager, so he grabbed a spoon, at that point stood up before a major container for the bear. At that point put a smidgen in the mouth.

Better believe it, I see it exceptionally hot! My face was singed! He was amazed and said he

At that point she saw the infant bear earth. In any case, it was again cool wide open to the harshe elements.

At that point he gave the infant bear's face in the face, and he thought it was the best fit. That is the reason he ate the entire thing with euphoria.

At that point his eyes fell on the three seats next to the chimney. Extensive seat for father bear, medium seat for mother bear and little seat for little bear. He felt that sitting in the seat was not terrible in the event that he saw it. Along these lines, the dad sat on the huge's seat.

Nah, this seat is intense! Think he was

At that point he went to the mother's bear seat. Yet, the seat is somewhat more delicate.

At long last, sitting in the seat of the Babu bear, he got the most solace.

Yet, he didn't simply take a seat, however he escaped the seat and was broken!

The seat separated and continued eating the ambiguity. At that point he stood up and cleaned the residue himself. At that point, strolling around the house, ventured up on the stairs, on the upstairs. There he saw three beds organized in progression, as normal for a dad's bear, one for a mother bear, and one for an infant bear. Nilachol007_1274783000_1-k1881505.jpgSource

He said hello there, now perhaps a little rest!

In this way, she grabbed the bed sheet and took her to the enormous bed of bear, yet she needed to descend instantly, in light of the fact that it was extremely solid.

At that point he went on a medium-sized bed, however it was considerably more delicate.

Whatever remains of the babu bear's bed. He got up and stated, Wow! That is the best thing. So he nodded off rapidly.

At the point when Goldilocks was snoozing, the bear came back to three houses. They were extremely eager to go around the timberland, so they were exceptionally eager to eat sustenance.

Yet, they were stunned at the table.

The dad cried, somebody was eating my bowl. X ((

The mother shouted so anyone can hear, somebody ate a bowl of my bowl.

Also, the infant bear cried and stated, and the nourishment in my bowl has eaten everything!

At that point they took a gander at their seat three by the chimney.

The dad cried and stated, somebody sitting on my seat.

The mother yapped and stated, somebody sitting on my seat.

What's more, the infant bear cried and stated, somebody sitting on my seat and broke the seat! : ((

At that point they concocted their stairs to their room.

The dad cried embracing the bear and stated, somebody was lying on my bed.

The mother said with an asking, somebody was lying on my bed.

What's more, the infant bear cried and stated, and somebody lying on my bed, and this is he!

What's more, simply at that point, Goldilocks broke. With the impacting eyes, he saw the three bears close to the bed, at that point left the bed, came up short on the house and came up short on the house! At that point he ran a race that he didn't glance back at the dread of achieving his home.

The three bears did not see Goldilocks any longer.


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