Fairytale Story Part (6) Rampelstiltskin

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This story is about the time when the angels, who came down from heaven to heaven, to help the helpless people in danger. Also, the angel who came from other unknown world with good evil intentions. This is a story, so let's start ...

There was a poor peasant who had an incredibly talented beautiful daughter. The peasant needed a lot of land and it was useful to meet the king. When fascinating the king, the man told the king with great confidence and pride, "I have a daughter who can make a gold moth from straw". Surprisingly, the king gave the order to the farmer, that he should bring his daughter to the court, because he does not like to have fun with anyone.

Then whatever happens, the request of the girl, the request, the tears were all gone. King's people captured a room full of straws. He was also told that if the hares were not turned into gold mornings in the morning, punishment was waiting for him.

The helpless girl sat in a room beside the gravel in the straw mud and sat in tears with eyes, what else could she do?

The time was slow, and suddenly a dwarf from where the lucky angel disappeared. The dumb woman asked her to be sad about her.

The girl's innocent truth is answered, "The king told me to transform all the hay straws into gold, but I do not know how to do it!"

The left asked to know, if he could do it or not, then what would he get?

The girl gave her neckline. At the time of getting the hareana sitting on the dome, all the straw was turned into gold at a rapid pace.

In the morning the king saw Mahakshishi and he wanted to get more.

The next night, Miller's daughter was locked in a much larger room with a large chunk of many haystones, saying that all of them would become gold seals.

Just like a nightmare, the girl was captured in a house alone, who was able to find someone with helpless eyes. At that time, the dwarf appeared before the girl and asked what she would get for her work today. Now the woman gave her a gold ring, the dwarf.

The king saw the next morning the gold mills seized in the house. The king could not be satisfied with this. Now he took the daughter into a big room, from the walls of the house and the huge hammer of the hay till the wall. However, the king also gave the statement that if the princess succeeds in successfully marrying her, then she will marry the queen.

That night, the dwarf appeared before the girl and asked for some of her labor. But today the girl is very upset because she has nothing to do with her today.

Now the dwarf has put a condition that if the king is married to him, the child will be born to the first child. The helpless helpless girl agreed to the condition, but there was no way out.

The king was very happy to see the house in the shiny gold mouche next morning and married the girl and put her word. After the queen, she forgot all. Sometimes he thought that something really happened, did any funny little dwarf come really?

Just a year after the Queen gave birth to a girl, happiness flooded the state. The queen, however, forgot about the meaning of the dwarf and promised to him. But if the queen forgets, what will happen if the left-hand man comes in front of the queen and reminds her condition.

The queen thought that she was one of the most unhappy, helpless men facing the world. He wanted to give all the resources of the kingdom to the dwarf, but the dwarf refused it. The queen broke down in tears because she could not give her children, her eyesight, to the left hand.

The queen finally said to the queen, "All right, I gave you three days; If you can name my name within these three days, then you can keep your child with you ".

The Queen started making a list of all the names that have been heard so far in the night. The next morning, the unstable Queen appeared to be called one and the same name, Peter, John, Mark, Isaac, Thomas ...... but every time the answer came, "No, this is not my name nor even none of them".

The night and day of the queen started thinking about all the strange names that could possibly be possible for the emotional pain. When the queen was saying all the names on the second day in the morning, the dumb laughing nicely said, "You can never say my name." Then the dwarf went dancing to dance to dance.

The Queen sent all her attendants around to collect a new name. Fortunately, after collecting a lot of names and collecting a lot of names, listening to a jungle way, listening to Prasad, a dwarf was singing strange songs and dancing, so he kept quiet and stood in the dark and saw the dwarf's trunk factory.

"Ah! What would be a fun dinner
Today is all ready, tomorrow will be a barbecue
Dance and sing, sing and dance
The Queen's hand is in the hand
Queen Harley in this game
No one knows, my name is Rampelstiltscin! "

Knowing the queen, fortunately, the name of the queen is known to the queen.
On the third day, the queen was eagerly waiting for the dwarf.
The dwarf came in Prasad with a cheerful mind and the crow smiled and looked at the queen. Queen's conversation begins with the dwarf

Queen - your name is William?
Dwarf - no!
Queen - But are you Charles?
Dwarf - Of course not.
Queen- Hum, but what is Rampelstiltscin?
Who told you, Dwarf?10363866_701017959960941_2069023988_n.jpgSource

Dumb bhabal dwarf In the rage he became angry with the blind man in the rage and began to behave like a madman on the floor, and the floor became a hole and he fell into the pit, the dwarf. Get angry out of the hole


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