The day after Brexit (from inside the belly of the beast)

in #storylast year (edited)

The remoaners were right. The Brexit heroes were wrong. Everything collapsed. I woke up this morning to the smell of fire and brimstone. Homeless hordes staggered across the outside, foam pouring out of their mouths, like slow moving zombies. All the medicine had ran out causing an epidemic.

I quickly drove to the Asda(walmart) but all the food was gone. The sky was falling and I had egg on my face.

I thought the sun would rise, and the stars would shine. But the day after Brexit was a very dismal apocalyptic day. I probably won't survive. All those pay rises, unicorns and gold, and job opportunities since the Brexit vote meant nothing to me now.

A comet hit the UK killing us all.


The end. My ghost uploaded this to the blockchain as a warning to other European countries not to free themselves from the E.U. globablist corporate organisation.

Irish Ghost

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