The story of loyalty // قصة الوفاء

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يحكى أن حاكم من حكام اليونان القديمة كان يحب زوجته حبا كبيرا ,ومن شدة تعلقه بها كان يخشى بعد موته أن تعشق غيره , وكان كلما أظهرها على سرهو شكى إليها ما يساور قلبه من ذلك الهم حنت عليه وأقسمت له بأنها لا تحب وﻻ تتزوج بعد موته أبدا فكان يسكن إلى ذلك الوعد سكون الجرح تحت الماء البارد .
وفي ليله من الليالي وبينما كان يمر بالقرب من مقبرة المدينة لمح إمرأه تجلس بجانب قبر لم يجف ترابه بعد , وبيدها مروحة تحركها يمينآ ويسارآ لتجفف التراب !!
فعجب لشأنها وسألها ماذا تفعل ؟؟
فأجابته أن هذا المدفون يكون زوجها وأنها أقسمت له بأنها لن تتزوج حتى يجف قبره وأنها مستعجله لكي يجف القبر بسبب وجود عريس ينتظرها !!!
ومن ثم أعطته المروحه هدية بعد أن عرفت أنه الحاكم وأخذها في وقت ذهول منه حتى عاد إلى منزله ورأته زوجته وهو مذهول وبيده المروحة فسألته زوجته وقص لها القصة فأخذت منه المروحة وكسرتها وما زالت تلعن وتشتم تلك المرأة
وتشرح له بأن النساء لسن كبعض وأنها هي المرأة نادرة في النساء والوفاء .
ثم سألته هل مازلت تخاف أن أتزوج من بعدك ؟
فقال نعم .
فأقسمت له مجددآ أنها لن تفعلها فأطمئن لها. ومضى على ذلك عام , ثم مرض الحاكم مرضا شديدآ ,حتى أشرف على الموت، فدعا زوجته إليه وذكرها بما عاهدته عليه فأعادت العهد . فما غربت شمس ذلك اليوم حتى توفي الحاكم,فأمرت زوجته أن يبقى في قصره حتى اليوم التالي لحضور الناس وإقامة جنازة تليق به , ثم جلست وحيدة في غرفتها تبكي
وبينما هي كذلك إذ دخلت عليها الخادمة وأخبرتها أن رجل من تلاميذ الحاكم بالباب يبكي بكاءا شديدا على الحاكم ثم خرا صريعا ولا يزال مغمى عليه عند باب القصر ولا تدري ماتفعل به , فأمرت الخادمة أن تدخله غرفة الضيوف وتتولى شأنه حتى يفيق . فلما انتصف الليل..


The story said that the governor of the ancient Greek rulers loved his wife great love, and the severity of his attachment to him was feared after his death to love others, and whenever he showed on his secret complained to him what his heart of that concern Hnth him and swore to him that she does not love and never marry after his death He lived to that promise, the wound was still under cold water.
On a night of nights, as he passed near the city cemetery, a woman was sitting next to a tomb whose land had not yet dried, with a fan driven by the right and left to dry the dirt !!
reply for her and asked her what to do ??
She replied that this buried is her husband and she swore to him that she would not marry until his grave dried and they rushed to dry the grave because of the presence of a groom waiting for her !!!
Then the fan gave him a gift after he knew that the ruler took her in a daze of him until he returned to his home and saw his wife, stunned and in his hand the fan asked him his wife and cut her story and took the fan and broke it and still cursing and insulting that woman
She explains to him that women are not as few and that women are rare in women and fulfilling.
Then I asked him: Are you still afraid to marry after you?
He said yes.
I swear to him that she will not do it, so I will reassure her. He went on a year, and then the governor fell ill, even supervised the death, called his wife to him and reminded her of what he promised him and restored the Covenant. So the sun went up that day until the ruler died, and ordered his wife to stay in his palace until the next day to attend the people and to hold a funeral worthy of him, and then sat alone in her room crying
And while she was also entered by the maid and told her that a student of the ruler of the door crying heavily on the governor and then Khraa quickly and still obsessed at the door of the palace and do not know what to do, ordered the maid to enter the guest room and take care of it until he awakens. When midnight ..

To be continue..