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"My father used to make the best tea in the locality. Every day we used to have the busy schedule before 8, as people from both the walkway would have stopped at our tiny tea shop. this is why we all had the busy schedule. spending the times at teashop was the best part of my life. As I would get chance of listening to the gossip and talk about science fiction and political issues. the teashop is where I first learned how to make tea. I have also learned some very important life lessons from my father. I would always remember him saying"'If you always focus and pay attention to what you are doing, you will be capable of doing anything.' At that age, I didn't understand what he meant, as I am growing now I got what he meant. My father always to send me to school but I loved helping my fother in field and animal work. my sister used to go to school and yell " hey sister why don't you join with us, you know, you will regret it later". and I tried going to school but I was older than other which made me embarrassed and I quit my school.

At the age of 15, i got married. It was very common to get married at that age in Nepal.all but now its illegal, though it is illegal some children are forced to marry early. this hurts me much. after my marriage, i went to my husband home. and felt, those days to be the worst days of my life. I never loved the family, gradually days passed month passed I started loving the family and my husband. I started liking that community, the people were very good and helpful. my neighbor had cucumber farm and he also owns poultry farm. one day I went to him and asked about it. I also asked him to help me by sharing his knowledge. he was so good neighbor. he helped me in cucumber farm . with the profit from cucumber, I started poultry farm with the help of my neighbor. my husband used to comment on it, later when he started to see me making a profit, then he also started to praise me. I have now kids they go to school. now I have also been an entrepreneur. I am in this position because of my father teaching and his valuable lesson in life which I would never forget.. I own my life to him " ." (Deepa Sharma, Ulleri, Kaski)



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