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Before sharing anything with you people let me start with my own love story.I have been In a relationship for more than a year. And I have faced many ups and downs during these 14 months of togetherness.

Today I am not going to share how I approached her, proposed her and be in the relationship.
instead, i am going to share, what are the different problems that we faced during our journey? and what was the reason for that conflict???635955530403688930-420781029_arguing couple.jpg

in a relationship, there will be minor conflict occasionally. as we are in a relationship there will be some expectation, if those expectations aren't fulfilled, its the main cause of conflict. and what I wanna say is "sometimes there will be conflict in the relationship if you are in a true relationship". S/he will be expecting something in the relationship.
let me share an example. the example I am going to explain will fully belong to me.

about 15/20 days ago, I had a conflict with her and the reason was "I forgot the anniversarry" oh shit! how can I forget it.our anniversary or the day, I proposed her, I am supposed to remember it. because it is one of the most important days in our life. there is a saying "fight between the couple is the fire in petrol" which need to be controlled in time without any delay. the same happened to me. she was mad at me.everything has been finished, neither I could get any replies nor she picked up my calls.after 3 days, I got a text "I am mad at you. I am neither in the mood to talk with you nor in the mood to pick up the call but I will inbox you later". I was so happy and thanked a lot to god.later after some hours, I got a text of about 100 words. where she was apologizing for the conflict. though I have forgotten the date she was saying sorry." Sanjay after I have been in relation withyou, I have given you so many troubles, please forgive me.but please reply my text.I loved you I love you and I would be loving you".the text nearly made me cry.because I know she loved me, loves me and would love me always.although, I have forgotten our anniversary day, and she has forgiven me. from this what I wanna say is " never forget the important dates related to her"

I stay at Kathmandu to continue my education and my house is 500km (Jhumpa) away from here. sometime i visit my house, 2/3 times in a year. after I plan for home I will inbox her and say " hey I am going to Jhapa" and she will reply "najau na please" (which mean don't go please). did you notice it, why she said so? everything has a reason. And the reason behind it is I won't be giving her proper time when I am at my home. I would be busy with my family and friends. and she would miss me. the is why she asks me to stay at Kathmandu.so she could enjoy talking with me. I have the worst habit of not replying when I am a Jhapa. because I forget everything there.i would enjoy myself.so I need to convince and promise her that I will be giving her time. from this what I wanna say is always give proper time, give them attention, listen to them and talk to her.

Never hesitate to be sorry
Let her know, how much you love her
appreciate her beauty
listen to her
keep her happy
a small text of your can change her mood
"I love you" these 3 magical words will make her day

i am incomplete without her .

"Hey, babby I love you so much. you have been a part of my life. trust me i will always keep you happy."

someday I may share my some more stories ...........................................


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