Brahmin and thug

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IMG-20180701-WA0000.jpgThere was a Brahmin named Mitsharma. He used to live on alms One day a wealthy businessman donated a rough buckler to him. Brahmin was coming home with a goat on the shoulder

On the way he found three thugs in the way. By looking at the goat, they got a move to get him. A thug went to friendsharma and said, "Sir, where are you going to pick up this dog on the shoulder? Brahmin does not even touch the dog."

Mitsharma said, "Are you blind? The goat is called a dog."

Thugs went away by saying, "Go carefully" After a little distance away, another thug came and said, "Oh, sir! Why are you taking a dead calf on the shoulder?"

When the friend was angry, Thug said, "Please do not be angry, do whatever you like."

Upon moving forward a little further, the third thug came up and said, "How far are you doing the wrong thing. You have taken a donkey on the shoulder and if anyone will see, what will you say."

Now Mitsharma felt that this should not be done, it is any evil which is visible to all in different forms. Through fear, friendliness left the goat and ran away to save his life. The three thugs immediately grabbed the goat and fed them and fed them.

Education (Panchatantra Story's Moral): Anything from intellect can be achieved.


पंचतंत्र की कहानियाँ

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Ichchhuk judging


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beautyfull story


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