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IMG-20180701-WA0000.jpgThere was a city called Mahilaropi. There was a crow on the tree of the banyan, called a neoplatonous name. One day when he was going in search of food, he took a trap and looked at a hunter towards the tree. The hunter sprayed grain grains by spreading the net under the tree.

At the same time, the king of a pigeon named Chittagir, came with flying pigeons, with his doves. Seeing the grains of scattered grains, the pigeon could not stop his greed and came down to the grains. The hunter behind the tree pulled the trap and trapped all in the pigeon trap. The image was very clever. He told the rest of the pigeons, "Do not be afraid of friends, they will fly away with a trap and go to a safe place where the hunter can not come. Get ready, one ... two ... three." All pigeons fly together in a trap.

The hunter chased them far enough but they disappeared from the eyes. On returning the hunter, Chitragriyah said to the pigeons, "Let's go to Mahilaropi town where my friend is a harem rat. He will help us to get out of this trap." The film reached the sound by saying, "Friend, Hiranyak, please come out. I am your friend in paingreen problem, help us."

Hiranyak was very pleased to see his friend and said, okay, you are a king, so I will first help you get out and then the rest of the pigeons. Chitagirav forbidding Hiranyak, said, "Please, bind the bonds of my friends first. It is the king's first duty to take care of his people."

Seeing the love of the image, Hiranyak was very pleased and said, "I know the duty and duty of the king. I will cut off all the fastings."

Hiranyak, together with his partner rats, cut his net with his sharp teeth and free all the pigeons. Chitagirav thanked Hiranyak and his companions and flew with his crew.

Story of Moral: A friend is a true friend who needs help when needed.


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