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I tend to mix up tenses sometimes, honestly it is due to the fact that I create the story in my own mind(which is Croatian) so I pay less attention to the translating part. I get carried away by the story. I am glad you appreciate the details, I really try to think things through, to make them logical. Even the names have meanings and are authentic for the time period. I am maybe a bit OCD, but I like it that way


I feel you 100 %, and have to edit out my tenses all the time haha :D I just bang the keyboard with what's in my head and sometimes it's the present, soemtimes the past, sometimes it's even in Slovene and I translate it later. Same when writing in Slovene, some things end up being in English while I write. :P

And yeah, it definitely shows! And I do the same, too, when, for example, I needed to name a horse, I google horse names and found a fitting one. When I needed to name an angel, I took an angel's name, or at least created something that is very similar. :3 I know what you mean, and YES! I do notice that! :D

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