Friday Emoji #ccc 2.02 Contest - Once upon... A life tale - Merry.

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Once upon a time, there was a smart, little girl. 👧

Her parents named her Merry. 😊 She lived in a time that people still had dreams 💭 and worked hard to make them come true.
Little Merry loved to visit the school and her dream was to become a nurse.
After only a few years visiting the school her father 🗣 told her she had to stay home.

"School is not meant for girls", he shouted, 🗣 "you already cost enough 💰. You will stay home 🏠, help your mother and learn how to cook 🍳and clean."

You should know Merry's father was a giant and everyone obeyed him.👈👆👉✋👊
Merry looked at her mother, her eyes 👀 filled with tears, begged her for help, but her mother pushed her away and told her to start wiping the floors.

From now one Merry's days were filled with cooking and cleaning, sewing clothes 👗👕👖 and walking the long road to the grocery shop. 🍞🧀
Once a week she went to the farmer's house and bought milk, bacon🍠, and eggs.

The farmer's wife was a kind woman.

She always gave her something to eat with her coffee with cream.☕ She loved listening to the girl's stories about her life as a nurse.😷

This time she looked alarmed 🚨as Merry knocked on her door.

"Haven't you heard 👂 the dwarfs 😈😈 are on their way? You better get home as soon as possible. If they see you...". 🤓

"So what if they see me?" 😯

"They come for a reason, they look for a bride... someone to serve them. You are not married..." 🤓

"My father is a giant, he will protect me." 👊

"I wouldn't count on it. Fathers sell their daughters to the highest bidder and the sons..." 🙌🙌🙏

"What about the sons, what about them?" 🙉🙈🙊

"They will be taken away soon. There will be a fight. The rich ones don't care. All sons will fight for their honour, name, pride... and after them, they will force the women." 💀

She pushed the girl to the door and gave her a basket she had filled with some extra food. 🍪🍠🍗🧀🧀🍞🍞🍏🌽🌽🍎🍇

"Nurses will be needed", she mumbled, " who will take care of them, nurse all of them?"

The girl looked at her, her face puzzled, then decided to leave. As she turned around and walked out of the lane the farmer's wife came running after her.

"Take this, it keeps you safe, you need it more as I." 😙

She handed over a small package 🎁 and went back to her farm.

It all happened as the farmer's wife foretold. 🤓

Before Merry could count till ten she was sold to an old dwarf 😈 and married to him.
Being married💍 was not what she had had in mind, 💭 wanted for her.
Being forced to live with a little, old dwarf was more as she could bear.

"With me you are safe and I give you everything you want", the dwarf 😈 said.

He could not help for being a dwarf, being older, but meant what he said.👍
He loved the girl 👧and intended to give her a good 👌life.

After the wedding party, he carried his wife upon the stairs of their new home, exactly the way his father had told him.

"It will bring you ☘luck son, she will love 😍 you."

Merry loving 💕him was the only thing the dwarf hoped for.

Did she? No, she hated him!
He was not tall and strong 💪enough to carry her. She fell down the stairs and never forgave him. She hated to be with him, cooking for him and pleasing him. 😡😠

Right before the Fight, the farmers' wife had foretold, started, Merry gave birth to a baby girl.
Boy or girl,💏 the dwarf didn't care, he felt happy with his child. She was beautiful, 👼 but clearly too much for his wife.😠

The more time passed by, the more cruel Merry became. 😠

Although the Fight took some years of her life she had nothing to complain about. They all stayed in good health, poverty never knocked on their door and the baby girl 👼seemed to be precious to friend and enemy.

At first, the dwarf's heart 💗 was filled with proud as he saw his wife 👧 and daughter👼 but as years past by something started gnawing at him.
Not only his wife 👧had changed into a beast👹, but his little girl's heart was ❄cold and made of stone, it did not beat 💓 for anyone.

What was wrong with Merry and his little Queenie?

@cindyhartz mentioned how writing your own fairy tale can be therapeutic. She does so in her series Cindy's Grim tale if that is not what you need you can turn your family history into a tale. No tale is completely made up, in every fairy tale is a part of someone's life told.

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I was enjoying reading and then...boom, it stopped. Now I am left wondering what was the package that the farmers' wife gave her, to keep her safe.

I hope you will carry on...

I intend to continue the story but have to figure out how.

The package is still there, if it shows up again I don't know yet.

This tale is based on my family.
Merry is one of my grandmothers.

Thanks for reading.

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Awesome job! Is there more to come? Let me know if you want to talk about any of your story.

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I think I will write more.

I did about 1 year ago tell the story about my family, actually apart of it. The left part of the family start hunting for me and ordered (threatened) the owner of the site. My blogs been deleted. I didcrewrite a small part as funny poems and fairy tales. This way the story was allowed.

Merry is one of my grandmothers.

Thanks for reading and reaching out to me 💕☘

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You bet! I’m interested in your story! And, I see I’m not the only one. I also understand. Many years ago my cousin forbade me to write about her father killing himself, so I waited. She is wiser now. It is good to be able to write as we wish.

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Most of the family I wrote about died years ago.
Only 1 person contacted me... he was surprised said: these are the words of my wife she died years ago.
He said it was a good thing I wrote it down.

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Perfect! Good validation!

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No tale is completely made up, in every fairy tale is a part of someone's life told.

Interesting but sad ...

Story tellers were travellers they told about what they saw.

Those stories, fairy tales also, were lessons.

In every book you will find parts that are true. More interesting is that if it comes to these parts people frequently think they are made up.

There are many sad life stories of part of lives being sad.

My grandmother (Merry) wanted to be a nurse, hated being married with an old guy, she never wanted children but her own life. She sacrificed her dreams and hopes and nothing good came out of it. Anger took over and remained for the rest of her life.

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One question! Where are the fairies in this tale? o.O?

I loved how you complemented the sentences with emojis 💕

The emojis are a part of a ccc contest. Starts every Friday. See @marblely.

Let me think..... no, I do not see any fairies, who knows I stumble over one and let it join.

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The emojis are a part of a ccc contest.

Sounds fun! Not long ago I was talking to a friend with emojis too hahaha.

Hmmm... You should let one fairy at least ;^) 💕

I will see about that, who knows your wish will be granted.


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Felicitaciones, me gustan los cuenta cuentos. Pendiente del segundo capítulo.

Gracias! Espero escribirlo pronto. ☘💕

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You really a good story writer. I love to read it.. Hope you can write more 😍

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I think about the next story.
Thanks for reading it and your compliment and respond. ☘💕

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